Systemic Event on Wall Street Coming

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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Stock Market Crash 2016.
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76special says:

Wow, I didn't know Christopher worked for corporate America. I never miss his episodes, Good job Christopher!

Video cruzer says:

anyone that is pushing solar for what is coming has no clue that you can not make power when the sun shine will not be visible in the future.

yang g35 says:

Chris love your videos but not sure about your hands sign. @08:31 @08:55 @09:12.

neodeville says:

how did your friend die?

PotBot. org says:

bla bla bla.

Who needs conspiracy theories when ya got questions– like, "If the priest dont make the sun rise AND — that —-sacrificing your children wont help the sun rise one little bit- then,,, why do we think we are not RETARDED when we allow private banks to issue currency and then pretend like we engineered our society?

lightfoot1Juke says:

EVIL elite.
Every one, whenever you use the word "elite" THEY (1%) are exulted because it has a positive connotation. ALWAYS prefix the word EVIL as in "EVIL elite"

Abood Alsadi says:

When I want to go and sleep I watch this channel ??? he makes me sleepy

calaverasgrande says:

blah blah blah.
you run your mouth about those bad people with their money. Then shove ads down our throat?
Irony. Look it up.

skeet_tv says:

This stuff is entertaining sometimes but we need solutions.

glinnz05 says:

its not about money with them, if they need it they just print it, its about getting it away from you so your just a useless eater…. our gov is going to get everybody on welfare and then they will make you work an 80 hour work week for it, the Bible says a penny for a wheat of measure, in other words you work all day for a loaf of bread…buy some butter for your bread….

glinnz05 says:

rand paul had some independent reporters arrested for asking questions he didn't like, its here on youtube hurry up before they erase it,,,..

John Doe says:

Chris this is not capitalism in capitalism there is no too big too fail

francoisduvalcork says:

it's logic to bail out the 1% if that 1% has 95% of everything no ? why being so pissed off in your video ? let them collapse let them bail out let see where that lead us because so far it can't really go any worse can it ? what is it ? you scared, you sound like it. scared to not make money anymore ?
the thing is the big ones needs the smaller ones, to be big you need to be bigger of something, let just wipe out all the little ones and let see how they do on their own.
why being pissed off about capitalism/bail out if everyone use it to make business. let them have everything, let us loose everything it's about time to loose this shit how do you think people gonna think and live an alternative life if they always in need of that same economy that you are so eager to criticize ?

Pablo Leal says:

Awesome video,,, like WOW,, thanks and sorry for your buddy's death…  he had some good words.. plain truth…

siraz rocky says:

great stuff.

GodHumbl3Servant777 says:

I Enjoy your channel of TRUTH brother I try to share as much information that I can with everyone. Anyway question is it good right now to even invest in any stock?

Ghost Of Erk Russell says:

I recommend everyone to watch the movie: the big short

André Pituco says:

how one get sponsors for this kind of content :D

Secretsofsociety says:

Glad I have been volunteering on a collectively owned farm. When it all goes down, I will have room and board.

helm says:

This collapse thats coming 2016 will be the biggest we have ever seen. Will make 1929 crash look like a wait and watch. Dont get caught with your pants down, and this time lets not bail these failures out..they just keep failing over and over again because the Jew system is a complete scam and is unsustainable. Time to change the system.

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