The major indexes finished mixed on the day with the bulls maintaining their slight technical advantage (for now). We also discuss HD, [More]
Apple (AAPL) was reportedly hit by patent infringement news and potentially an import ban via a Trade Judge today. AAPL finished down [More]
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Huma needs to go to jail, liberals side with the mullahs, 2018 BULL, moving on to infrastructure spending, oil BULL, financials, BULL, [More]
Index futures traders are stock traders. When you dissect the NQ, you’re trading the heavier weighted names. And they say that support [More]
Market hanging under the 50 DMA, AAPL weekly options trade looking good as AAPL tends to sell off into the close on [More]
Weekly trade on AAPL and SPX, GS Jan19 trade, SPX 2 June trade
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Whiz debriefs the 3 shots/3 kills from last week and adds to more SPX bear call spreads to his weekly options portfolio. – AAPL stock’s had a rough couple of day dropping nearly 8% over the course of the last 2 days alone. [More]
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SPX and AAPL weekly options trades hit max profit of $5500, 50 DMA resistance continues, French elections, N. Korea still hot, soft [More]
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Whiz reviews existing positions in the UA model portfolio and adds a new bull put spread on AAPL.
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AAPL weekly iron condor, IMF warnings, Fed and Mario