GREAT week here at Top Gun Options! Watch all the replays from Full Throttle here: We will close the doors TODAY [More]
Trump fired yesterday afternoon, China returns fire, AAPL under promises and over delivers (shocker…) but that won’t save this rally, time to [More]
Huma needs to go to jail, liberals side with the mullahs, 2018 BULL, moving on to infrastructure spending, oil BULL, financials, BULL, [More]
Index futures traders are stock traders. When you dissect the NQ, you’re trading the heavier weighted names. And they say that support [More]
Market hanging under the 50 DMA, AAPL weekly options trade looking good as AAPL tends to sell off into the close on [More]
Weekly trade on AAPL and SPX, GS Jan19 trade, SPX 2 June trade
2 new weekly options trades, Whiz’s book now available, Lake Tahoe VIP tickets down to 6, markets grind higher on good earnings [More]
Day 4 of Full Throttle in the books with Doug Robertson’s Advanced Live Trade Brief where he covered a pre-earnings trade on [More]
Earnings can affect far more than just the stock. Index futures traders know that to trade the NQ, ES, and YM during [More]
Whiz debriefs the 3 shots/3 kills from last week and adds to more SPX bear call spreads to his weekly options portfolio. – AAPL stock’s had a rough couple of day dropping nearly 8% over the course of the last 2 days alone. [More]
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SPX and AAPL weekly options trades hit max profit of $5500, 50 DMA resistance continues, French elections, N. Korea still hot, soft [More]
If you loved GS at 245 you gotta love it at 233, I would add to existing position here or add new [More]
N. Korea & Syria getting warmer, need to hedge!, Full Throttle In Brief is available to view and is a MUST watch, [More]
AAPL crushes it, ADP comes in hot, Fed meeting, oil rises on lies, long Goldman Sachs
Whiz covers existing positions in the AR portfolio along with a new AAPL long call diagonal with a protective put. He also [More]
2 new trades in the PLTB this morning, out of China postions, vol smashed as the world burns so time to buy [More]
Whiz and Doug Debrief the entire week of live trading and training called Full Throttle, and review their trades. Whiz places a [More]
AAPL goes full MSFT, Fed gray area causes market to wallow, oil mid-40’s and safe for now, EU cash that flocked here [More]
Whiz reviews existing positions in the UA model portfolio and adds a new bull put spread on AAPL.
Pause in 3 day sell off, Fed words cause confusion, holding below 50 DMA, oil starts flowing again, home sales, AAPL and [More]
Warren tells all he didn’t buy AAPL (someone else did), oil gets kicked around and is becoming correlated once again to the [More]
“Power” What is that ? Documentary about Steve Jobs tonight but what I show you in 5 minutes is more important to [More]
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AAPL weekly iron condor, IMF warnings, Fed and Mario
Hope aint a strategy, Dudley soothes, oil rebound on words, AAPL weekly iron condor
Shipping sinks, Fed uncertainty, oil bankruptcies
Mark Fenton talk with Johnny about what he would do with APPL today. Join us every Tue and Thur at 1pm CT. [More] As of today September 24 we completed 35 Trades on S&P Emini and enjoyed spectacular Fibonacci collapse on Oil ( Image [More]