Stock Market Today | February 25, 2021 Here’s what happened in the markets today, Thursday, February 25th — in 5 minutes or [More]
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In this video we’ll share with you a unique strategy that professional options traders like to use that take advantage of volatile [More]
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Video Timestamp 0:00 Introduction 1:53 Market Recap 5:15 Stock Reviews 8:35 Introduction to Poor Man’s Covered Call 10:00 Trading Stocks 12:20 Covered [More]
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AMZN broke out today above its 200-day SMA on solid volume. AAPL hit its technical upside target we commented about back when [More]
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Very volatile week in the markets as Trump increases fire in the China trade war, Bolton bangs war drums with Iran, NK [More]
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NK saber rattles along with Iran as China talks drag on, S&P500 levels off after record run, BIG earnings week on deck [More]
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Trade talks wallow (shocker…), GOOG gets slapped by EU, AMZN airborne again, love Brazil! FDX canary in the coal mine
China trade war drags on, mixed macro data last week, AMZN breaks out on upgrade
Trade talks drag on with no significant movement/news, macro data and earnings disappoint but bizzarro market doesn’t care