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Today had a VERY slow start overall with price grinding its way lower. This came in the form of a bear spike [More]
Buying the channel and range lows this morning gave us a solid move higher for 120 ticks! In today’s video we [More]
Selling the channel highs allowed us to get in early to the move down for a total of 109 ticks in the [More]
Selling the exhaustive channel highs allowed us to put away a gorgeous 232 ticks this morning! In today’s video we see [More]
Buying the first channel test on the E-Mini S&P 500 Futures allowed us to put away a quick 48 ticks! Check the [More]
Selling the highs of the channel in the bear market allowed us to bank a solid 126 ticks this morning! Check the [More]
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Selling the channel high failure on Crude Oil allowed us to pick up a MASSIVE run to channel lows for 155 ticks [More]
Buying the channel lows on Crude Oil allowed us to pick up 118 ticks this morning to the upside! In today’s video [More]
Buying the channel failure at the lows allowed us to bank an absolutely massive 170 tick winner today on Crude Oil! Check [More]
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