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NIFTY Iron Condor Strategy | Zero Loss Options Strategy Master Options Strategy Course video The Master Options Strategy Course This is [More]
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Selling iron condors is a very popular options strategy among traders who prefer limited-risk strategies with a high probability of profit. The [More]
Trade talks drag on with no significant movement/news, macro data and earnings disappoint but bizzarro market doesn’t care
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Very nice one week trade on VXX – close bearish double vertical for nearly $3000 gain in ONE week, new AMZN bull [More]
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Market hanging under the 50 DMA, AAPL weekly options trade looking good as AAPL tends to sell off into the close on [More]
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An iron condor is a neutral, defined risk premium selling strategy that is constructed by selling an OTM put spread against an [More]
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If you loved GS at 245 you gotta love it at 233, I would add to existing position here or add new [More]
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Nice $1300/76% gain in 4 days on SPX iron condor, market flat awaiting Dow 20k (yawn), still time to buy vol
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AAPL goes full MSFT, Fed gray area causes market to wallow, oil mid-40’s and safe for now, EU cash that flocked here [More]
A chicken iron condor is an iron condor where the short options are closer to each other than a standard setup. With [More]
Markets takes a break along with oil, Goldman and Soros get bearish which means of course we go higher, Options Weapons School [More]
AAPL weekly iron condor, IMF warnings, Fed and Mario
Dan talks about proper risk management with you trading! This is Part 1 of 2 make sure you join us on Thur [More]
Hope aint a strategy, Dudley soothes, oil rebound on words, AAPL weekly iron condor
Shipping sinks, Fed uncertainty, oil bankruptcies