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In this video, Paul Bratby of Wave5Trade discusses 2 unique instances that present trend failure in an Elliott Wave based trading methodology.
We came in today with a VERY strong run higher on Crude Oil with buyers falling apart a bit on the rally [More]
We came in today to see a very sturdy range formation on the overnight session. Sellers attempted to dig into the lows [More]
Stock Market Crash, System Failure, Social unrest coming soon
Lots of in the know ‘elites’ and institutions are warning of a stock market crash, social unrest and system, failure. Links: [More]
Today we come in to see Crude Oil attempting to break down with strength directly into monthly support where we are anticipating [More]
Today we have Crude Oil running lower with quite a bit of aggression. This was met with heavy profit taking off major [More]
Selling the strong high failure off a retest of the earlier channel allowed us to pick up a gorgeous 7 point move [More]
That’s a top. I hope u followed my advice and cashed out before the fed announcement. UWM is at 86 pre market. [More]