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What a long strange week it has been – from the swamp implosion to trade war fear/no fear to volatility smashing lower [More]
Trump plays 3D chess with China, GREAT one day AMZN bull put spread 76%/$1590 one day profit, limo lib stocks getting ready [More]
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Liberal media bury IG report as it proves FBI & DOJ personnel committed treason & sedition – so the FBI will shut [More]
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Market rallies on strong jobs report, Buffett plows into $AAPL, watch for dead cat bounce back down to $SPX $SPY 200DMA
AMZN fully operational Death Star as we predicted in Oct when we said ditch FB/AAPL and roll into AMZN, looking at WYNN [More]
Taking a loss on being long vol this week…go figure… Russia points the chem flag at the UK, Mueller and Comey have [More]
Trump can win for losing with his critics as he agrees to meet NK Simple Jack, trade war! (except with our allies), [More]
Mixed earnings on tech stocks as AMZN prints money, good call to ditch AAPL and FB
Last trading day of the year, retail crushes it, blue bloods warn on FICC, AAPL busted for being Gordon Gekko
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McCain needs to seek treatment at a VA like the people he screwed today, XOM miss, tech selloff (except FB), NK fires
Bullish double vertical on VXX, good/bad job numbers, conflicting smart money guesses on where market goes from here (hint – up! until [More]
JPM beats hard as we predicted, still a good buy at this price, oil stable, fallout from the Wed mud wrestling continues [More]
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