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Trading live Nasdaq le 13 mai 2019 15h30 (ouverture)
This morning’s “Fed Speak” gave us some big moves on the charts today, and I’m using the most reliable chart patterns to [More]
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Markets are consolidating into sideways ranges ahead of tomorrow afternoon’s FOMC Announcement, which gives me a clear plan for Wednesday morning… But [More]
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Most of our favorite markets are sitting near their recent highs, telling us to wait for a pullback to buy at key [More]
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Markets are bullish after today’s FOMC Announcement, but the lack of follow-through to new highs still leaves yesterday’s ranges in-tact for tomorrow [More]
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Markets are RED HOT going into the end of February, and that increased volatility tells me that momentum is going to be [More]
Markets are “balanced” coming out of the Holiday Weekend, and with strong momentum moves in today’s session, I know exactly which strategy [More]
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Alpha Room Session 25 April 2019 ? Website http://www.tradersunderground.co/ ? Trading Strategy Typically involves scalping and some shorter-term swing positions. I do [More]
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In this live day trading futures video for beginners, I day trade the Nasdaq futures market live for a nice profit. I [More]
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Trade talks have the markets moving wildly on the charts today, and with that volatility comes big opportunities, but only if we [More]
A 25 point stop loss is too tight for the NQ in most cases. Big difference when expanding to 40 points. Futures [More]
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more info www.johnftseman.com How to scalp the nasdaq, identifying volatility before commiting to a trade is extremely good practice, especially when scalping [More]
The FOMC Announcement is behind us this evening, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished with today’s price-action – because tomorrow is “Reaction [More]
Markets are gearing-up for major news on Wednesday – with Crude Oil battling through the weekly inventory report, and the big FOMC [More]
We’re heading into the end of April, which tells us to expect increased volatility tomorrow morning. And with some big news coming [More]
Markets are still using the same ranges from earlier this week, but with some strong moves lower today, the focus will be [More]
We’re back in the action once again, this time after a Holiday Weekend, which historically gives us plenty of opportunities as markets [More]
While SPY was down a few cents and DIA finished flat, the QQQ’s and SMH were busy setting new all-time highs. We [More]
Markets are explosive in reaction to this afternoon’s FOMC Announcement, and with such strong moves to finish today’s session, it’s no doubt [More]