Take 100 Percent Responsibility For Your Life – Millionaire Habit #1

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Millionaires and billionaires think differently.

In this video, we are going to talk about a millionaire habit #1: Take 100 Percent Responsibility For Your Life

This is part of our series “Millionaire Habits You Should Be Doing Now”


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Ken Holloway says:

Thanks for sharing this Millionaire Habit. So true. I think it's true that most people find it much easier to make excuses and blame others than to accept responsibility for the results they're getting in life. But what I've learned is that once you accept 100 percent responsibility, then there is nothing holding you back or getting in your way from creating the life you truly want. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, if you can't find the circumstances you need to get the results you want, then create them yourself. I'd like to add that Awaken The Giant Within is one of the greatest books ever written; and it made a major impact in my life. I was fresh out of college and I moved from the realm of necessity to the realm of possibility.

Luis A Gonzalez L says:

and I want the book next to the motorcycle, Power X Strategy!!

Luis A Gonzalez L says:

I agree a 100% so I will continue working on me.

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