Teaching Millennials How To Write Their Own Millionaire Story – Timothy Sykes

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How do you write your own millionaire story? Watch as Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, and millionaire stock trader and entrepreneur Timothy Sykes discuss different strategies for stock trading and give their tips on the hot markets of 2018.

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singlecellorganism13 says:

Great interview. Loved it.

Jata Johnson says:

This guy is interesting and weird at the same time. Marin is speaking for all of the dinosaurs, lol.

Michael Corey says:

There's no way he's not juiced up on coke…

sell siliconvalley says:

"How to become a Millennial Millionaire" STEP 1; Don't buy precious metals from precious metals shills who never say "sell". Step 2; take calculated risks and learn the natural market cycles and capital flows. STEP 3; Exploit the trends. STEP 4; Never cry "manipulation!" Only losers say that.

Silky Johnson says:

35 views and no comments… Either a bunch of shy viewers or mesmerized by the content

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