Teaching My Friend How To Day Trade PENNY STOCKS | PENNY STOCKS FOR BEGINNERS 2018

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Today I teach my friend from LA how to day trade penny stocks. Put yourself in his shoes and pretend like I’m explaining it to you.

Penny stocks for beginners

Top 8 penny stocks to buy may 2018.

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Ronnie Cra says:

All that you are doing for others will continue to bring you much success…

snap Sap says:

Hi Zaid I appreciate your videos even if I have To.watch them few times because my english is verry poor. .sorry for than but I try To improve it.. Anyway I realy want To learn about penny stock and your videos Will help me for sure and help me already because when you explain thats seems easy and that motivating me.
How long that can take for a beginer like me To start take position ? I am starting from 0 I am actualy redding a book and I watch videos on YouTube.
Can you give me.your opinion and what stradegy do.I have To take.
Thank you Zaid.. hope you understand me.. .
(Medi from France )

Willeenie Tecat says:

I don’t get it..I wanna know why your single..I date ya lol 😂

Hassan Khokhar says:

Where do you trade penny stocks?

Willeenie Tecat says:

I don’t get it.. I have some questions Zaid…

Prince Superior says:

Zaid Kur ending racism in 2018 but not his ugliness

Changed my name to anybody Zaid

Rodolfo Oliveira says:

Buy ECA coin =$0.002 and Be Rich

Freebrowsergamer says:

Hi Zaid, what broker do you use to buy penny stocks?

boppzz says:

How high is your friend? 😂

Ozzie Lomeli says:

OKay, so you wait for the results of the meeting before making your decision whether to buy?

Harry D says:

That's hysterical, do you know what a penny stock is?? Nooooooo, uh huh, I UNDERSTAND, Awwwww, good night. This was like a Saturday night live clip.

Michele Holley says:

Second time I have watched. Very good clear explanation. Thank you.

Dan Wheeler says:

Have you got a course on this ? Whats your fb an instagram?

марина столетова says:

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Kyle Dore says:

Does this strategy work only when the market is healthy ? Sorry I don't know much about stocks. I'm from crypto and don't have very much experience at all with anything else.

Pablo Bulldozzer says:

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Marcus Sangster says:

Great job thanks

Шурик Шурик says:

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Rick J says:

Good video Zaid, however I have 1 question.. I get why one would buy/short a stock but, if it is a Bio Penny Stock with questionable Volume to begin with and you hear Negative News about a trial ( the Medication failed / No FDA approval ) why would you try to Short ? I would imagine the Volume would go down even further and then you're stuck hold the bag.. Please give me your thoughts on this. Love your channel, keep up the awesome vids and great content

Jannes Koopmann says:

Can you plz explain how to read premarket movements and is it necessary to have prepared excess to trade penny stocks successfully? Thanks a lot for the great videos btw 🙂

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