Teaching My Little Sister How To Trade Stocks Like A Pro | Penny Stock Investor

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Nip34 says:

One of the best videos on this. Thank you!!!!!

jake withrow says:

damn she fine

Bazyli ♕ says:

What if it stays within the buy/sell lines? Do you start swing trading or do you sell it the same day?

DarkSagan says:

This actually really helped me.

223554545 says:

32:04 she like I quite iam heading back to the salon !🤦🏼‍♀️

Jan Hofmann says:

What’s the name of the software?

Danielson1234567891 says:

Great video for a beginner like me. Great idea to put your sister in. Thanks Ricky!

Gloria Williams says:

This was a great informative video for beginners. I learned a lot from this video. Thanks for your willingness to teach people.

Rick Fx says:

Hello Ricky, thanks for the videos, do you have any DVDs that talks about how to Manage Risk and profit for beginners or any YouTube videos that touch that subject on a certain depth?, if you do, would you please point me in the right direction? I’m very interested…🙏🏽 blessings. Hoping to hear from you pretty soon, once again thanks.

NotoriousNkz says:

jeez get a better camera

Levente Berkeczi says:

I like the cross behind you!!!

alonso manriquez says:

Hey bud , I've learned so much from this video than other youtubers in other sites . You better explained everything . You earned yourself a new subscriber here . What's your Instagram ?

Hector Zepeda says:

She is Catholic. She is waiting till marriage. Sorry fellas.

Eugenio Villarreal says:

ill do your sister real good, tell her to msg me

Piotr Stuart says:

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Harry Porter says:

Awsome vid, I'm learning, I feel like she kept you a bit restricted on ur speed which was helpful to me. Thanks

Brenda Calderon says:

I am a newbie. I don’t even understand what it means to sell. Also where can I find a dictionary to stocks

Julio says:

The thirst is deep in this comment section.. People cant see a female without getting bent out of shape.. embarrassing smh

YvesSaintAngela says:

potato camera

Denise Kawecki says:

Everybody is saying your sister is gorgeous and she looks exactly like you (hint they all think you are gorgeous Ricky). Btw the video is very informative, thank you.

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