Technical and Fundamental Analysis day trading crude oil inventories news

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We had another great day in our live trade room this morning, earning over 200 ticks once again on only 4 contracts.
Today was a pretty slow day for a few reasons, but we did a great job using the news events today along with our trading rules to make some amazing profit.
Did you hear what Big Ben said at 10:00am this morning? We did, and we traded it for a nice big winner.
Did you see the Crude Oil news at 10:30am? We did, and sold the highs and sold retracements for over 100 ticks of profit after the news was released.
If you missed today’s trade room you missed a LOT, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn from our trading today.


Joseph James says:

@trashratt thanks for watching!

trashratt says:

good…….well done sir!

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