Technical Breakdown in Bonds?!

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In today’s update, you will if the kingdom is under siege, what a technical breakdown in bonds is, the core foundation of my thesis, and how the monetary system works.

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SuperDryBeef says:

if you are convinced that yield and stocks are going down, wouldn't it make more sense to save money and short the stock market than to buy bonds? is it just a less risky strategy?

Aritra Laha says:

Son asked father, "Papa, when do you drink?" He answered, "Then when I feel good".

One day son was feeling bad. He got a brilliant idea that he should get drunk to feel good but after some drinks he got more depressed!

Economic theory tells us that when economy is good, people are earning more than obligations then inflation will set in due course.

FED is like that son who thinks if somehow they can set in inflation economy will come back in course and people will start earning more! 🤪

Paul Santiago says:

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Raphael Morav says:

Steven, I fully concur with your thesis however no fully convinced about your view on the USD going higher in the near future. I understand that there is a shortage of USD due to monetary tightening. Yet as the US federal government debt is growing to unprecedented levels, the only way to attract foreign investors to buy treasury bonds at near zero rate levels is by devaluating the USD with the hope of an appreciation in the future. The increasing US trade deficit should also push the USD lower.

Antonio Ruiz says:

Steve, (at ~13:00) you mention that interest rates need to go down to spur demand. However my personal experience is that lending is NOT occurring but NOT because rates are too high. There is demand out there but banks are just not lending because they have 'Covid-19" lending policies that are restricting lending growth. I have been personally told by several banks that no refi loans are been offered on rental investments. Some are not offering any primary home cash out loans. I don't think lower rates are going change these "Covid-19" policies. Thoughts?

patty sizer says:

It is past 7 am, I have not been to bed yet, on my way and saw this. I hope you can give me hope!

Brad Okuma says:

I think someone is posing as Steve and sending out crypto e-mails to everyone that comments.

Jenia Jenia says:

Hi Steven,
You're saying that in debt based monetary system the amount of credit has to grow in order to create growth. Also today despite low interest rates, banks are not willing to land because the risk of loan defaults is high. But then why would yields go lower?

Evan Soukas says:

Bond market here we go… Always a catslyst around the corner. Trump + covid = bullish.

Optionsschule says:

If Donald Trump loses the election and Joe Biden wins the election, we will all understand the market again. Then the USA will be free again from criminals who manipulate the market artificially.Of course, this assumes that Donald Trump does not win again.

No Hope Equals no fear says:

Has fighting the Fed ever worked?

These low interest rates are killing me.

Fred Peachman says:

Keep talking Steve. I'm long some TLT calls, and I need to hear it.

Scott C says:

Steve, you're gifted. Thanks for sharing

Jim Estill says:

Steve within what timeframe do you see rates dropping and bonds increasing in value?

Ethan Noah says:

Buy Crypto and Gold🔥🔥

Jay M says:

For Stimulus 1 & 2, where did/will Congress get the money to give people? FED has already 'loaned' $7 trillion to banks, corporations and government. And the government itself is already $27 trillion in debt.

D Walsh says:

I watched ur show with Brent Johnson. What you continue to fail to communicate is what is in it for the big banks? They are not selling bonds to the Fed only to have their liquidity tied up in an account they cannot touch! Please explain how the big banks come out with their money and when. Other wise your deflationary thesis is void.

Tyler Pavone says:

Hi steve currently a financial analyst in the wealth management space so love to hear about macro trends & opinions. After hearing your interview on real vision it sparked me to give an old econ professor a call to discuss QE. Is it possible to reference any information on the ins /outs of the “collateral accounts” you mentioned on real vision that member banks hold in trust for commercial banks? I was under the impression that commercial banks can use those cash credited accounts for investing activities given the 0 reserve requirements of today. Probably a low probability you’ll see this or bother helping me in the right direction but would really appreciate it sir just looking to learn as much as i can. cheers!

Cyber Monkey says:

I think you could get away with an interest rate scepter.

michael s says:

If you were a real bond king, your crown would not be made of gold, but rhodium at $14,000/oz. Gold is the poor man's rhodium.

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