Technical indicators in Quantower platform. How to add & manage them

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Quantower provides a wide list of trading technical indicators that you can apply to your trading workflow.

For the convenience of navigation, the list of indicators is divided into 6 categories:
✔ Channels
✔ Moving Averages
✔ Oscillators
✔ Trend
✔ Volatility
✔ Volume

When adding an indicator to a chart, set its parameters in a couple of clicks – period, prices for its calculation, colors, line types, as well as specify the timeframes on which it will be displayed.

You can add an unlimited number of indicators on one chart, and manage their settings from a chart or through Object Manager


Quantower platform provides:

✔ simultaneous connections to different brokers & data providers
✔ Futures, Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Options, Indices, ETFs trading
✔ 10+ chart types and styles – Time charts, Ticks, Kagi, Renko, P&F, Linebreak, Range, Candles, Bars.
✔ Volume Analysis tools – volume profile, cluster chart (Footprint), bar statistics, volume histogram, historical T&S
✔ Options Analytics panel for creating & analyzing Options Strategies and risk profiles
✔ Order Flow Surface panel shows changes of all limit orders in Order Book, their placing, modifying, canceling and execution. It allows you to see the intentions of large traders regarding the future price, high liquidity price levels.
✔ one-click trading via chart and DOM panels
✔ various order types – Market, Limit, Stop, etc.
✔ panel for simulating of real-time trading on any trading or quote connections
✔ creating & trading of Spreads and Synthetic Instruments
✔ manual & automative backtesting of trading strategies
✔ creating algorithmic strategies via Quantower Algo
✔ full customization of trading workspaces, panels, templates

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