Technician: Forget the market sell-off, just keep betting on the consumer

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Chris Verrone, Strategas Technician, on the breakout stocks to buy. With CNBC’s Bob Pisani and Melissa Lee, and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.

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Inez Qtaish says:

INEZ Qtaish is apostle sent of One God warning all people around the world including the entire united states America Inez Qtaish is warning evildoers end games now, I repeat end games now.

CryptoCabulary says:

Forget CNBC. When the market closes for an undetermined amount of time because of inconceivable swings, what will they broadcast? Take your money out of the banks and out of consumer stocks. You will want your money in …….Precious Metals & Crypto Currency…I repeat Crypto Currency and Precious Metals…

Kool Keith says:

It's like interviewing professional athletes. "Yeah we're determined to do such and such and win," but does that always happen? LMAO

TommyStories says:

Really did not like the super negative guy at the end; we will go down to 2200 for the spy? GFY

Ray Fan says:

Don't listen to this guy.

HC says:

bring Carter on

damny0utoobe says:

Can't trust that chipolte, it will give you gonorrhea

Dan Georgevic says:

Buy a put spread

Left Campo says:

This earnings season will be brutal.

Layne Bouche' says:

If the guy can't even pronounce Chipotle right I have a hard time listening to anything else he has to say

svtrader says:

Hollywood is going to get Christian Bale to play that dude in the movies!

J J says:

Don’t be tricked into the market they will sell at your expense

Billy Mays says:

CNBC is effectively telling you to "Just be an idiot" and "Bet on the opposite of reality".

Billy Mays says:

The S&P will test it's lows. Guaranteed.

Mike Kang says:

I am. Lay offs are being announced.

AZmisc says:

I'll stick with Carter's forecast, thank you.

Michael Fry says:

If you want the truth .. you won't find it here. Try money gps for the actual truth.

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