TEDx Talk By Penny Stock Millionaire Timothy Sykes: How to Give Back and Become a Philanthropist

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Watch my TEDx talk as I discuss my philosophy on the importance of giving back. Learn how you can become a philanthropist in your community (even if you don’t have much money to give).

Here’s the summary of my TEDx talk
1:20 Because I trade stocks, I’m able to do it from anywhere
2:00 Lately, I’ve been giving away to my charities
2:20 I’d like to show you my life to show you that with a laptop or a smart phone, if you’re on the internet you can work from anywhere
2:40 I have nearly 10,000 students across the globe who I teach Stock Trading
4:12 Why you should give back to charity
6:12 It’s my honor to give back to educational programs that help students increase their knowledge
11:17 Start thinking about giving back now. You’ll be so much happier in the long run
11:37 One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time
13:00 Giving back is not about material things, it’s about helping other people in any way you possibly can.
13:30 Cars don’t bring you happiness
14:28 Money weighs you down. Happiness comes from giving back, not from material things.
17:21 Just volunteering your own time will change you over time.


shadfurman says:

You can't love others till you truly love yourself, and you can't truly help others till you help yourself.

There's a lot of negativity towards Tim, people critisize him making money, people critisize him giving away his money. Often people that can't balance their own checkbook (not that people use checkbooks… You know what I mean) and people claiming what Tim does is impossible, despite Tim consistently doing it and teaching others to consistently do it.

Tim makes money trading stocks, and gives to those less fortunate, you have to be awefuly bitter about life to critisize that.

Tim sells courses and community access, and people critisize him for that, despite him being active is social media, giving free advice, making free videos, explaining his methods. You have to be awfully bitter about life to look down on him for that.

If you can't praise people for the good they do, how do you feel about yourself? Are you grateful? Do you want to be happy?

Pride turns to resentment, resentment kills the virtues in ones soul, turns to isolationism, and leaves them living in hell.

Hope turns to sacrifice, turns to wealth, turns to gratitude, turns to love.

Antonio Hawkins says:

This is what i love and respect about you the most. Like you said, "When you're real, you don't have to pretend". You have inspired me to be the same!

Dan Adlington says:

Tim Sykes this is very inspiring.

Dan Adlington says:

Tim Sykes this is very inspiring.

Tin Trinh says:

Great video Tim! I aspire to be like you!

Cecilia Clough says:

I LOVE Timothy Sykes❤️ Truly inspirational.

Pedro Manuel says:

Nice speech. But the real true of philosophy is not give the fish is teach how to fish. Why don't teach stock markets for free! And don't ask a lot of money for your training! This is what i don't understand!

Avijit Dey says:

nice job man kudos to u

Ivan Ivanov says:

Thanks for a great lesson Tim !! More rich people are doing like you !!!

ragedmaximus says:

GOD has given timothy the gift of giving, now tim needs to accept GODS gift to him , JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! give your life to JESUS tim and then you will understand what life is really about. amen


Tim Sykes rules to succeed:
•Work your butt off
•Cut losses quickly
•No days off
•Only trust transparent people(losses are shown)

Andika Pratama says:

Thanks for making positive impact in Bali, Indonesia. You are the real deal!

Daniel Sckarin says:

Hi Tim. I like what are you doing. You realy cool guy!

Credit Millionaire says:

Penny stocks??? What are you a dinosaur??? Crypto currency is where it’s at. Nobody gives a fuck about stocks

Tartempion Hector says:

So cool ! Thanks !!

Wilson Mar says:

Help me to become millionaire

Ava Lit says:

A couple a million will suit me just fine.

William Loppes says:

AS the bible said "“Meaningless! Meaningless!”
says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.” [Ecclesiastes 1:2]

iszoj says:

LOL "What's the first step of building school" Make lot's of money on stock market and be a decent human being like Timothy Sykes is!!!

Ruben e says:

if you want to change the world we have to change each other..

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