The #1 Problem Too Many Penny Stock Investors Make

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Save big on my blowout birthday sale at and learn not to make the #1 mistake that too many people do in penny stocks, and that’s what leads to BIG losses!


Joseph Zinser says:

I will not go down with the ship! I've been in Davy Jones Locker holding that mystery bag of gold. The problem is that bag keeps you weighted down underwater and you miss out on the compounding your money could be doing. This is my 8th month since I started watching your videos. The hardest thing to admit as a trader is when you are wrong. Cutting losses quickly solves the whole thing though. My goal is to not make this mistake anymore.

Grant Curry says:

All the bag holders think the stock is whispering "your ship is coming in" when really it is chuckling "your shit is coming in"!

Ricky Mahajan says:

I will not go down with the ship! 🙂

zoltardo says:

"NO YOU FUCKING MORONS!!!!" My drink just came out of my nose

WatchDogs1991 says:

i will not go down with the ship

Philmon Mickonen says:

whats this site? App? Currently using robinhood

negritto86 says:

Nice premarket lesson, I will no go down with the shift!!


Thank you. I will not go down with the ship.

Moflyboy Blanquito says:

Thanks Tim. I was doing just what you are talking about with a stock. Glad I discovered your videos.

Iris lali says:

I will not go down with the shift

infamyny18 says:

I WILL NOT go down with the ship… NO WAY JOSE

no nope says:

I will not go down with the ship!

Mavis beacon says:

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John Pistorino says:

Just bought How To Make Millions! Excited to watch the whole 35 hours! Thanks for all the info you provide.

No one says:

I will not go down with the shift

Mavis beacon says:


Tiny Trader88 says:

I have learned so much in a short time from you! I Love you man!

Trif Marian says:

Keep doing your thing Tim , you are the best because u teaching the people , U are my mentor and Grand Cardone …Love you from
Romania …I appreciate your hard work

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