The #1 Reason Why the Stock Market Hasn’t Crashed Yet Despite Panic Selloff!

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There’s Only One Buyer Keeping S&P 500’s Bull Market Alive – Bloomberg Business
stock market chart financial economy crash crisis
CBO suggests taxing drivers by the mile | Washington Examiner
‘Robo-advice’ approved by FCA but axes 220 jobs at RBS – BBC News
economic finance
Chinese Owner of Waldorf Astoria Bets Big on More U.S. Hotels – The New York Times


don adamas says:

good vid

steven antal says:

You already pay taxes by the mile in gasoline taxes

Giulia says:

Very educational channel. Been following for awhile. You"re a genuine truther :)


In my opinion, perhaps we have some way to go yet before the next collapse. The reason is looking at history we can see this point in the markets that it usually goes wrong. This time, perhaps we will see the markets rocket upward to an even bigger value before the collapse, which will finish money as we know it. If the markets are controlled to such an extent, perhaps, this would make more sense if sense is even in the mix!

dragonsigh2 says:

I come here for news but we already have a global gov its called the monetary system.

Dimitri Vincheov says:

i am sure Deutsche Bank selling some of their toxic assets (derivatives) to Citi and JP Morgan has eased off the collapse for a while…its amazing how many tricks the Elite have up their sleeves.

bmy2012 says:

I'm going to create robots to perform CEO/ manager jobs.

Chris1969o says:

would you mind doing a short video explaining Agenda 21? Thank you

norris barnes says:

This story talks about taxing drivers by the mile. I really hate to
break it to the government but they have always taxed drivers by the mile; it’s
call tax on gas. If the car is bigger and more powerful then they use more gas.

fu hjk says:

WTF man! I always give you a thumbs up but you screwed the pooch on this one. As an American, I don;t want a country like China who's labor, human rights, environment, political TYRANNY and religious intolerance controlling even ONE FUCKING STALK OF CORN on my soil. And for you to say that they are doing Canada a favor by propping up a FRAUDULENT real estate bubble that enriches a foreign nation while driving the indigenous people into homelessness a good thing exposes a seething cesspool of underling stupidity in your world view. APOLOGIZE TO YOUR VIEWERS YOU FUCKING PRICK!

Arslan Kake says:

I'm endeavoring to do my first match and I'm doing the qualifying one for Charlton versus MK Dons… I've put down the wagered precisely on William Hill, however when I endeavor to put down the lay wager on Betfair Exchange I get a slip-up saying 'insufficent holds'? I kept £17.25 as indicated by the calculator

vincentyeo88 says:

there must be plenty of liquidity mopping up all those stocks selling at bargain prices whenever there's a panic selloff.
stock markets are rigged to wipe out all those small investors who don't have holding power.


Another purpose for the IPCC/Global Warming/Carbon Tax is to dissuade the public from realizing the exact opposite is occurring, Solar minimum and the mini ice age. I'm not joking and I don't work for Oil. Google NOAA falsifying data, 1380 peer reviewed papers the IPCC wants to remain hidden, the Maunder Minimum, and Solar minimum.

epy dipple says:

No commercials please

Duane A. Fisher says:

The old Soviet Union tried their own style of agenda 21 and it failed along with their Socialist Government. So, what would be different this time? Not a Damn thing.

M Levite says:

I bought 3lbs apples at 3.95 food basics The apples were from the USA ._yesterday at no frills 3lbs. At 7.95 people were talking a credit freeze is coming

Stel Toronto says:

Thanks again for another great video.

orangeedo says:

Still waiting my time with bitcoin, there will be a rush to it when the dominoes start to fall (whether it's this year or in 5 years)

mcamcay says:

seat belts on!! check ….3…2…1…i wonder if Yellen is actually going to say something this time besides puking her guts out again…lol

dannyboyspain1 says:

ive said for years that the chinese are sitting on trillions of worthless dollars and what better way to get rid of them than to use these dollars to buy assets like property of land. a clever idea imo.

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