The 1929 Stock Market Crash – Black Thursday – Extra History

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With our current economic climate being… dubious, we thought that it would be a good time to look at another economic disaster in American history. Just six months before Herbert Hoover gave a speech highlighting the economic success The 1929 Stock Market Crash which is closely tied to the Great Depression and felt like it came out of nowhere. But that might be a bit of a misconception. We explore what kicked off the drop, what people did to try and stop/slow it down, and why stock markets and the Economy are NOT the same thing.

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Achillez says:

I'm getting flashbacks to the South Sea Bubbles series :/
Great series btw 😀

Dominique Martinez says:

Not long ago the United States was a Nation of vast Opportunity and Promise…

Opportunity, for the Trust-Fund Children of the Elite
Promise, for the Rich to rule as Petty Barons

Jarrod Yuki says:

its important for government to protect farmers and the middle class during a booming economy. reduce red tape, taxes, and rents for the middle class. otherwise the fragile middle class will die.

Tamer Abdeldayem says:

Nice story telling, great ending…. Bad times will pass

Jarrod Yuki says:

thats why you trade stock for gold/silver/bonds during times of recession and gold for stocks during times of prosperity.

Escheron says:

"remember, the stock market is NOT the economy." could you say that a little louder please? some people seem to forget this

Jacob Larsen says:

Read the room guys

abloogywoogywoo says:

The stock market crash of October 1929 led directly to the Great Depression in Europe which was already buggered up after WW1, which then snowballed and helped trigger WW2.
Damn opportunists and their get rich quick payday loans.

hitorijuunin says:

Good luck everyone, we are on a new global depression due to unforseen circunstances… stay safe

annbe1l says:

I have no fears…

Sir Moessi says:

2020 Foreshadowing ?

Andrew B says:

so people just suddenly started selling one day ???

G-Money says:

Ah yes, the Roaring 20s. In the 2020s, I bet we’ll see the return of Flappers, speakeasies, and impending economic doom.

driver 70MTD says:

I love all the simple history stuff. Refreshes my brain of things bc I can't remember every detail in history all the time lol

EverythingIC says:

Stock Market is not the Economy…
Gee, if only some people knew that.

Koan Tao says:

Too much "Happy Talk". Do you really want to go back to the world we had before? I don't!

Ameha K says:

2020 happened even quicker and based on a 10 minute speech

Rian Rafsan says:

@Extra Credits .. can you please do the video on Parsian legend of Zahal & Rudabe

Arturo Lopez says:

🎵The Dow Jones has fell down to zero
and it's gonna be a fine swell day!🎵

Christopher The Red Fox says:

Hahaha so many orphans…!

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