The 1987 stock market crash: Original news report

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Full coverage of the 1987 stock market crash, as reported by WPIX in New York. Brad Holbrook is the anchor.

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K1syZe says:

Привет, как дела?

BolsoPEPE - nosso Presidente! says:

2020 will be worse!

mr minecraft says:

Well thank god black Monday never lasted long i was never a stock market trader but i remember the day when it dropped

Aquarius says:

1929 crash republican president – 1987 crash republican president – 2008 crash republican president – STRANGE CORRELATION ???

shanenolan85 says:

At the very end when he said Sam Walton lost about $1 Billion in a single day, I felt that 😩

James William says:

10.7% interest on a mortgage for 30 years!!!! woohoo ouch

colin schabel says:

I prefer shitty bumper graphics

colin schabel says:


Platypus says:

This guy pro

That kid that died March 2020 says:

Am I really the only one who knows what else happened in 1987???

The bite?

Dumisa Nzama says:

It's JIm Haggerty!

David Swan says:


hodoprime says:

Awesome, this guy is on the Onion New Network!

unavailibill says:

This is HUGE.

Jennifer Isaacs says:

Do people ever really learn as a majority about history?

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