The 2 Best Penny Stock Brokers For 2016

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Roughly 60 days from now I’m returning to my $12,415 roots to show my students EVERY step I take to grow my account exponentially as I have in the past, I’ll only be using E*Trade & Interactive Brokers as all other discount brokers have let me down in the past, watch this important video and better understand how much I value teaching!


paul obodai says:

Avegers video games

Sokie Paulin says:

I am a newbie and have just enrolled in Trading Challenge. I loaned money from my 401K to pay my tuition believing that this can change my life. I believe that poverty isn not God-ordained and I love Tim Syke's message that this is for everyone WILLING and ready to receive financial prosperity and abundance. I just opened a $2K for the first time at E*Trade. Please tell me what to do next… I am so excited on this journey. Thank you Tim Sykes!

jackercrackbox says:

I am so excited man. Looking forward to working with you Tim.

emery baskerville says:

So i apply for an e*trade brokerage account and I'm good. I want to do penny stocking and I'm 19.

ElisaJ says:

What do you think of PLUS500?


Love Tim's truth and knowledge.

Mity skill says:

+Timothy Sykes I would love for you to start with 2,000 in 2017, please consider it!

Rodriguez Stark says:

Hello Tim!

Do you know where I can start trading penny stocks both short and long with a low deposit of a 500/1000 $???

I have played around on a "Plus500" demo account as well as eToro. Is any of these good and has all the penny stock companies that you use??

And thank you for everything your doing, you have teached me a lot and I now wish to begin.

Contineu your good work!!

Christoffer – 14

Nick F says:

Hi Tim, is there a public link where we can see how your two accounts have evolved in 2016?

Daniel Ses says:

I'm from Europe and I can't open account on Interactive Brokers and eTrade. What brokers do you recommand?

joel golamaully says:

it's ony for us resident

Kareem Christian says:

Nice start for me!

Richard Quinn says:

Great video as usual Tim.. Thank you for this.. this is going to give my wife and I a chance at the freedoms that we have always wanted.

MyKkata says:

Hi Tim – I work full time 9:005:30 EST. Is it possible to trade your alerts during this time? I plan to start with 5k startup capital – hoping to build it over the years. Thanks for what you do!

Godcaly123 says:

Also, on a small account of about 1,000-1,500 should I just focus on going long every time until I have enough money in my account to be able to short stocks?

Godcaly123 says:

Tim, I just got your videos haven't watched them yet, about to. I want to know do you explain exactly HOW to trade the actual stocks like on the website and what all those buttons mean on your stock charts? Or do I find that somewhere else?

Daniel Cressy says:

can you do a video for brokers for beginners with penny stocks. im still trying to see which one fits me. i have a budget. i cant be spending all that money on a broker that i don't know is realiable or not.

OmAr LiVeS says:

I called eTrade today and they said you cant short penny stocks or anything labeled under OTC… im like shut up in my head bcuz Tim Sykes taught me What's the truth about that subject! I was like yes u can its not illegal! and im like oh u must not have any shorts thats why. he was like like yeah…wtf. i need to know do i need to put up 2.50 per.share on top of the price of the stock to short them? i have a 2000 acct with a margin acct.

DankBudwoi says:

What about me I'm in U.K.

ZebralienzTV says:

Hey Tim ! Im a non-us resident, can i use E*trade ? Cheers !

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