The 2 Best Stocks For Next Week

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Remember the stock market is closed tomorrow for President’s Day, but it helps to be prepared ahead of time, especially when there are hot setups like CNBX and a plays like GSIT that reminds me of so it’s helpful to know the past too which is why I am so focused on getting you guys to watch my ENTIRE 4,000+ video lesson library…understanding the past is key to your future


itsfun2b says:

CNBX closed today at 6.45 😁

Ryan Zehner says:

holiday… yes STT is in need of an update to correct the constant crashing! it's so frustrating never being able to leave it run! also being able to run multiple charts for same ticker with multiple time frames, simultaneously, would be nice…

Mr. Anonymous says:

GSIT up .14 today (after going up nearly .50 at 10am-ish) will keep holding to see how far this goes up good call and followed the Sykes criteria (which I also just got done learning about) for a good pick EZ Money! Also very nice on the $1mil donation to charity toward a good cause God bless Tim!

Best Screenwriting Books says:

See: Timothy Sykes – Lesson 7: This is Gold Secret Strategy – it's all a money funnel for this guy and Mosseri

John Lam says:

Tim how can I get started? What software you would recommend for beginner?

WhiteHatGuy says:

HOLIDAY! Lets get it!

felix robbenson says:

STT crashed as usually

Karl-Erik Leesment says:

holiday 🙂 thanks tim!~

glen fala says:

Tim just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to motivate someone like me. Who knows nothing about stocks but your u tube
Vids is what got me into trying to learn. I've been driving a dump truck for a living for21 yrs. I got a robinhood account on my phone so
I could try the stock market. (Turns out I suck). My wife keeps telling me go with what u know. So back to the construction site. But thanks anyway. I never would have tried. If I never met you on u tube . Congrats on your donation.

David Wasik says:

HOLIDAY! .. but want to trade 😕 .. thankful to the presidents who made this the best country on Earth #USA

alexin andre says:


Roberto Antuna says:

you rock man, im saving my first 2000 to start, asap!

dewayne johnson says:


Stockafella says:


P City says:

holiday. what the heck is a vwap I see that a lot on stocks to trade?

cameron Longsworth says:

What's up Mr. Sykes. I've never traded before but decided to open a broker account earlier this month and put $600 into it. The account is with OptionsHouse. I would love to learn from you, but is that possible with my OptionsHouse account?

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