The 2 Most Important Indicators For A Stock Market CRASH! Step By Step Guide!

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The Money GPS says:

These are the two MOST IMPORTANT indicators today. Central banks push this market up. They keep it alive. They will destroy all currencies if need be. Learn these indicators and continue to follow them to know which direction the market is heading. You can profit from them or you can simply avoid it altogether. That's up to you.

Benjamin Hatchett says:

You are always pointing out new indicators and it keeps going up!

swordoftruth says:

4.5 trillion in the possession of a PRIVATE cartel of fraud and racketeering black magicians.

johnzal79 says:

where you think mortgage interest is going this year

gary Causer says:

I'm still waiting for y2k….

Michael Greenwood says:

One thing many of us have overlooked is the reason why there has been little inflation relative to all the money printing around the world. Technology and automation are driving GDPs higher with less increases in labor. So as long as technology can keep up, governments can continue to print money out of thin air and drive stock markets higher and higher.

Russell Stauffer says:

What are the Rothschild – owned banks doing? When they start selling, RUNNNNNNN!!!!!

deltaskyhawk says:

Thx … that was good info!!

Count Spooky says:

I came here for the truth. Thank you for unveiling it for me!

Truth says:

So falling rates mean doom and now rising rates mean doom? Doom everywhere huh? Why don't you show everyone here your investment portfolio so they can see how you are making or not making money.

tim zamp says:


Playonstereo says:

It is pump & dump model leads by central banks.

Stalemate IB says:

Gradually going back to 3% Fed interest would be reasonable. Going back to 5% or higher, well, we might be returning to 2007-2009… As a side note, there's also a correlation (though expectedly delayed) between CD rates and Fed interest rates. I would like for CD interest rates to go up a bit. Credit Union rates are just a bit above 2% right now for 5-yr CDs. But 4% would be much more attractive for investors.

wayne mcclory says:

Bond markets crashing, China’s new gold backed yuan, 100 Billion hackable computer chips and that’s how many star in the universe. Time to invest in real gold ! Look around it’s over.

blacksuite1 says:

Have you backed up your vids on a hard drive or another site? Any one Stating a alternative view on any "controversial" topic gets put in their crosshairs.

Ian Hernandez says:

These cover photos are cracking me up lol. Article about CC debt getting worse

Robert Vann says:

Patients! The greed is out of control and the violence. It is going to get worse as time waits for no one.

Ron Siverson says:

We just sent David some money through PayPal. Please do the same if you are receiving any benefit form his videos. It is a lot of work to put these videos together I know. He is doing us a great service that could save us all financially!

Drunken Sailor says:

They gonna have to raise rates to make bonds worth buying into. China says they are done buying US treasuries. If the Fed isn’t buying and instead is selling they have to raise rates to get buyers. 4% is the magic number I have seen over and over were the money will flow from stocks to bonds. After the stocks crash that money will flow back to stocks to get the discount prices.

John Jones says:

house prices drop

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