The 2 Most Important Stock Trading Rules

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See more commentary on these 2 rules at and since my team is overwhelmed with questions, you can still grab these 50% off sales for a few more days only and


TheVulcanTrader says:

I'm paper trading, and I mostly learn from all the mistakes I made on trades. They are like savepoints in your mind for what to do differently in future trades. Thx

MrSensitiveNipples says:

How can I see live data for stocks? I always find that the stock information charts on the websites I use to see data are always 15 minutes behind. I know that because it says it right on the site. Also I live in Canada and use the Toronto stock exchange.

aslkfja says:

Thanks for all your dvd's. I have to digest what I already have.
Which one would be more important to study first Spikeability or Framework? I also plan to buy Schooltrader this year.

Carlos Franco says:

good info,1 day I'll put the knowledge I learn soon,to work

Barbie k says:

Hey Tim does your silver penny for $99 on profitly do u get the DVDs for free in the library ?

eddy199222 says:

Your so inspiring Im using your videos to work out this year lol

Wajahat Raza says:

I feel like people who loose big are trading emotionally

Enescu Steven says:

thanks for all the lessons you teach for everyone :)

Andreas Stock Man says:

What broker / platform is that ? looks wicked

carlos torres says:

Are you still taking students?

Ugo GG says:

I am 16 and your video really inspired me and i would like to learn how to trade but i would like to know witch dvd I should buy because I know nothing about trading (sorry for my english).

Jose Burgos says:

Just got penny stocking. On disc 2 so far. Study 7 days week. New year new attitude. Thanks Tim

MikeEDW15 says:

what broker and what software do you use?

Tampa OCE says:

good stuff Tim

Roc Jones says:

1. ONLY trade the best setups
2. Learn from the past

Andri says:

Better be safe than sorry!

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