The 20 Minute Trader | Oliver Velez

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The first 20 to 30 minutes of trading offers more profit potential than any other time period throughout the day. In this power-packed presentation, Oliver Velez will teach you how to use his famed trading tactics to exploit this dynamic period for the most consistent five to 20-minute trading gains of your life. Don’t miss this one.

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Ishwar Notani says:

Thnx bro ur gr8

Jaime Barreto says:

The bottom candle tells the story- red was going down, green ate it up then ended green

Jaime Barreto says:

Hidden green play— I understood it it and started laughing.

Toby Fierce says:

Oh, im not even waiting for the green bar to take out the red. I wanna start absorbing the green bar from its conception. So the moment i see a long bottoming tail under the red, i know for sure im not getting stopped out. Sometimes i dont even put a stop under the tail because of how long it is and how far up those tails shoot the price.

Keith Jackson says:

It’s so simple now 🤯🤯🤯 Strike at the right times & protect your losses on the way down.. This also goes with options!! I’m blown away!!!

Mubashir Hassan says:


Jimmy Gch says:

AWESOME and i love it !

souvik dey says:

My messiah..

Abu Nasar says:

This is amazing….phooooooorrrrrrrr

yasinozkan says:

I didnt know Samuel Jackson was a trader

K Smith says:

And who gets hit with the tax bill

Alexander Hanusch says:

Would want the $295 workshop!! How can I get it?!

ml Anand says:

Hello sir pls respond to my massage what am saying is in the colour game suppose if we take a red bar eliminate the Geen candil also the red red candil have a upper shadow above the Geen candil so does it still valid or not

Wandering Arkitek says:

sorry novice here, what if the platform doesnt have 2min chart?

Nik Alexis says:

OV I'm making a lot of money using your 20 min strategies… You're the Boss!

Bibonow says:

1:06:21 we can see it is photoshoped. Big green bar but volume show red..

J Koresh says:

Is the "Simple Moving Average 20 / 200" is the same as "MA 20 / 200"

Alif ameen says:

amazing boom boom guy

Alif ameen says:

amazin boom boom guy…canada

Hut 37 says:

Cannot listen to this big headed man. Having to listen to his initial boasting of his brilliance, really put me off having to sit through anymore than a few minutes of such torture. Its just too much for my sensitive soul. His books do not come cheap either, £30-£40.00, even kindle editions !

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