The 2020 Stock Market | My Investing Concerns

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While the Stock Market’s recent rally since its March 23 low has been explosive, it’s not unprecedented. Let’s discuss WHAT COMES NEXT?! What should you do as an investor?? 2020 stocks to buy and The Bitcoin Halving 2020 Explained

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U.S. Treasury To Borrow $3 Trillion In 3 Months To Pay For Pandemic

Starbucks is set to reopen all stores today with more safety requirements

Jim Cramer: Not all companies are affected by social distancing in the same way

Opinion: Stocks will revisit their March crash low, and here’s when to expect it

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Xiao Mei Tan says:

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pine le says:

lol. When Cramer said buy before it collapse, you should go opposite. When Cramer concern market crash lower, you buy.

Sam Ghanim says:

Traditional markets are highly correlated with bitcoin… it’s difficult to be bearish on one and bullish on another if they are correlated which they are

David Rankin says:

What your missing is that they often lie to the public and do just the opposite. Manufacturing is going to be coming back to the United States over the next decade. If anything this will lead towards more automation which reduces employee costs. Markets are more supported and controlled vs the depression. Bitcoin is likely going to see disruption in the hash power which will affect price and shake out consumers where whales again will lock up more.

Will Lawson says:

yea i just found this vid now.. hmm very strange…. SMH

Sara Sloan says:

You did a video on Dragonchain a while back. Today it’s a top 10 gainer n it’s had a bunch of new developments. Are you still bullish on this project?

Dyelon Joyce says:

I have a feeling if I buy bitcoin, the price will go down. If I don’t buy, the price will go to the moon.

Samuel says:

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Ray Peck says:

This is very real and important stuff. Well done on bringing it.

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Jack Roth says:

Bitcoin is not what it used to be. The exchanges have managed to manipulate the price of bitcoins. Whales can control bitcoin. Lightning network doesn't seem to support a influx of users, many things to disregard Bitcoin.

Crazy alts created etc Tether. Whales cashed in and speculated like crazy determining the price of Bitcoin. Crypto Exchanges acting like casinos, having downtimes at a real crucial period. Adoption of lighting network doesn't solve bitcoin issues. As of now, the only use of bitcoin and alts is for trading, nothing more. No wide scale use of these crypto currencies. Maybe the adoption of crypto will be full scale after 5G is being implemented, who knows but as far as I know, if you can generate alts like crazy and still convert them into Bitcoin, thats just another way of accumulating more bitcoin. Many underlying issues unfortunately. Crypto exchange is nothing but another Las Vegas unfortunately. Maybe a gold backed crypto currency is needed here.

I worry for the controlled cryptocurrency space, moving forward…it looks like we're headed into another disaster.

basketballmom2010 says:

Thanks, will need to study stocks more!

The Bond Tech says:

Just thinking hypothetically. If lifting restrictions causes a second wave of infections, the market is gonna plummet. If the warm weather coming gets this stuff to die out like any bug, the market is gonna see a bull run like never before.

Dan dog says:

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sommi says:

💛🧡💙💚 Nice video babydoll. You should check out the interview with Stephen Livera w/ PlanB + Saifadean Ammous, they had it yesterday. Highly deep talk on the Bitcoin 🙂 💛🧡💙💚

Phoenix says:

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