The 2nd Best Penny Stock Pattern For Small Accounts

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Grab my blowout birthday sale at as it pains me when I see so many wasted trading opportunities like I’ve seen lately…study up and get better prepared, please!

0:10 If you understand this lesson at the end of the video leave a comment, “I will focus on key patterns.”

0:30 The morning dip-buys into these panics have been amazing.

1:30 This is the best opportunity to grow a small account. You need to learn the small account penny stock patterns.

2:30 I’m showing you penny stock patterns that work for small accounts. This strategy is buying the first green day on an OTC. The first green day is so important.

3:30 Every single one of my students who was studying should have been long here.

6:00 It’s not huge money but morning panics can make you 10, 20, 30, 40 percent if you time it well.

10:00 Let’s get the pumping machines turning, but no big bounce is going to happen unless they put out some news.

13:00 Be open to other strategies and difference niches like marijuana stocks and cryptocurrency. The negativity is sad. These niches offer opportunity.

17:00 Be angry at your teachers and your parents for failing you when it comes to education.

20:00 Don’t just invest in trendy stocks, they may have bounces, but the history and the patterns show that it’s a terrible decision.

23:00 I have to be mean to get through to you, I’m trying to help you see the problems. This video is for patterns for people with small accounts.


T & D Smash Up says:

im up $12000 dollars shorting 15 years old .i watch you name is tommyleonzi on profitly,i want to start teaching like you.i knew htbx was gonna crash.

Sterling Lowery says:

Awesome part of this lesson was on Gratitude which to me seems more Spiritual like it is with the art of fulfillment Tony Robbins speaks about.

"The moments we wish on the things we didn't have, and the moments we wish on the things we did have, is the moments we forget about the things that we do have." Nick Vujicic

milki layina says:

imte supernove

Sterling Lowery says:

"Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skills." Jim Rohn

Lonnie Blechle says:

I will focus on key patterns

My Passive Breakthrough says:

I will focus on key patterns!!!

Erik Morales says:

I will focus on key patterns. Love the knowledge you're sharing Tim.

JJ Malvarez says:

"I will focus on key patterns"… After "Cutting Losses Quickly" I believe this is your second best advice and I am starting to narrow it down. It definitely take lots of studying and practice. Thank you for your hard work and couching Master Sykes…Keep it coming Please!!!!

Ambessa S says:

by the way Canada is not legalizing on June 7th the actual date is still unconfirmed! (im canadian)

Ambessa S says:


Oinotna Iramida says:

i will focus on key patterns!!!

Hamzeh Murab says:

"get them off the coke" LMAO

B L says:

I just bought the complete penny stocking course… I will focus on key patterns

John Smith says:

hate causes stress, and bad health

Suby says:

i will focus on key patterns

John Smith says:

sounds lik,e ur dealing with alot of people fucking with u Tim

Jasmine Stitt says:

I will definitely focus on key patterns

aj ajj says:

haha sykes your the boss! ill be turning my 1k account into 100k by next year by my birthday .. i will keep you updated every youtube video you release.

Tim Bo says:

I will focus on key patterns

Than Chau says:

Hi Tim, you inspired me and give best advices to me and other people's out there every single day. Thank you so much for everything you do to help in education for success. God bless you and yours.

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