The 3 Reason I Stopped Trading PENNY STOCKS

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Hondo says:

Keep it up kid! I'm 54 and have learned a few things that should have been common sense. . Keep on trading!

Bra says:

After trading $UGAZ from $63.27 two days ago and exiting today at $69.83, I was convinced that this is the better route for me. I’m fully off of penny stocks. I thank you for that brotha!

Istan_ Bull says:

((( RICKY.. !! ))))) KNOWING is HALF THE BATTLE.. !! You are in the right mindset. Teaching people to understand the game is most important or you will have a bunch of haters looking for easy pics who will blame you for their losses rather than actually doing the work it takes to learn….. RAISE YOUR PRICE..!!! DON'T LET THE GUTTER INTO YOUR LIFE….. YOU DON'T BUY SECTION 8 HOUSES…… SO DON'T SELL SECTION 8 COURSES…… IT''S worth at least $379.00..

Ali Pardhan says:

TBH this is basically why I never bothered following your videos on penny stocks

nanomantube says:

Thanks for these videos Ricky. Ive been watching and listening to your videos for about 2 months now and they've really helped me to focus on understanding what I'm trading. I'm finally starting to get the hang of trading I think

Ivan Šimić says:

Can someone help me?
If you have neteller or bitcoin, please leave a comment here.

Gerald Lofton says:

You make more money 💰 so now ur Bank roll is bigger and Now u want to go in a different direction…

Tony Hill says:

😂'let me get to the point'

Cash Money says:

I can't help but notice your pain " thank you for sharing "

Randy Wegrzyn says:

You should do a video on what you're currently invested in

INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment says:

Penny stocks are unpredictable, a lot of pump and dumps , might as well gamble 🤔

Chris Arias says:

Short term gains are for suckers!

Josh Mcdade says:

If I pay for lpp now can I start in this morning

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