The 4 Best Penny Stocks Right Now

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What’s hot so far in the markets in 2020 … and what’s not? Let’s talk about the best penny stocks right NOW.

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We’re a little less than two weeks into the new year … So what’s working so far in 2020? And what’s not? I lay it down in this video.

I’ve made about $10K so far this year* … Considering weekends and holidays, that’s more than $1k per day. Not bad, right?

Some of my students are killing it too. One student made $1,500* on TRIL…

… several students earned $550* or more on CPAH…

… BLOZF made one student some awesome profits* with a killer short play …

Yeah, I like calling out students who are doing well. Even if it’s on stocks I didn’t trade myself. I love it when students adapt my lessons and create their own trading style. That’s how you become a self-sufficient trader.

I could talk about my awesome students all day, but there’s more to say in this video … Specifically, what’s working in the stock market right now?

Unfortunately, my favorite setups AREN’T working right now. But you know what? That’s OK and part of why it’s so important to be adaptable as a trader.

I talk about how TRIL went from about 25 cents per share to about $4 per share in about a month … That’s huge growth.

I talk you through the breakout and what you can learn from it.

Even if you watch this video weeks or months after I post it, these lessons are still relevant. Even if this particular stock is totally over, the pattern WILL come around again with other plays … seriously.

I also dissect the recent short squeeze on CPAH. This is a testament to the idiot, hard-headed short-seller mindset where traders think they know best. They ignore the evidence and patterns right in front of them.

I’ll show you why it was so obvious that this was going to be a squeeze. You need to be extremely well informed and prepared before any trade … but especially when you go short. And especially in the current market.

Let’s talk about other recent breakouts, too. I’ll dig into my most recent trades, including how I sold too soon on some … But, honestly, that’s OK. Because you won’t go broke taking profits.

Leave a comment … Do you like these recaps of recent plays and patterns? I love to hear what you think!

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment … Do you like these recaps of recent plays and patterns? I love to hear what you think!

gerard says:

Tim Tim Tim I'm ready to trade ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ what to do now

Donovan DeWhitt says:

I love these videos Tim, I play them every time I go for a run and time just flies by, I’m worried I’ll be running out of them soon

Jeanpaul Towers says:

thank you Tim

eli Alvarez says:

Yes Tim more technical vídeos your the man

Will Franm says:

Thank you Tim. I enjoy watching all your videos. They always have great information to take advantage of. Life has slowed my education this week, but will be back on it like a heart attack. Keep it real Tim.

Joshua Chisum says:

10k – Righteous brotha! Thanks for the vid!

David Smith says:

I think these video's are gold!! Thank you Tim!

Tony Nguyen says:

2020, good video, still learning

Nick Cunningham says:

Yes, I like these recaps. Thanks for reviewing them.

J S says:

Hi Tim, where do I sign up for your free email alerts for the 3 stocks per week that you recommend?

Omar Elias says:

How come some mornings the orders don't fill, it just keeps going up. How can we theorize or be able to predict the ceilings? Or a realistic morning high?

Perfitt Two says:

Thank you very much for the insight. Very very helpful. Is there an email or something I can dm you with?

Taj Gray says:

Yeah Tim, these recaps are extremely helpful in getting input from someone whose seen these patterns hundreds of times before, thanks Tim!

Jennifer Komondy says:

Yes- recaps are helpful

Beaugeto Star98 says:

Great video lesson for short squeezes

karmona bros. says:

yea i like this kind of videos thanks man … the cocked up promoters 😂😂😂😂😂😂

David Foote says:

I caught CPAH at 4.66 when it dipped and then sold a few minutes later when it spiked back up at 5.25. I only bought 1 share because I'm new to dip buys but this one worked well. I also caught a small portion of ADAPs dip yesterday morning



Corinthian says:

Hey! I just signed up for some training on your website Tim and now I got some homework to do, lets see how much this helps Tim i'm trying to quit my job here.

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