The 4 Best Penny Stocks Right Now

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What a week it’s been, read and congratulations to my upcoming millionaire students like Roland featured at who just made another $5,000 today even though he sold too soon, that’s fine as the key to success is all about taking the meat of the move!


Joe Romano says:

"Charity Events…"
Good Karma Man!

Justin M. says:

Bought at 0.021 got a 140% gain. I was to scared to hold longer. Looking for next North Korean rocket.

king slayer says:

Hi Tim, I am based in New Zealand. I notice how you refer to stocks to trade a lot, and it sounds like an excellent platform to keep up to date on the movements of penny stocks. Here in New Zealand, the main brokerage platforms never seem to have any of the penny stock abbreviations in the product library. How do I go about having access to these? Would it be best to contact the brokers to request the stocks to be uploaded, or would I need to target an international brokerage platform that provides for penny stocks more?

Godson Irabor says:

How do you find these stocks ? Where do look for them


Another video lesson down

Deveyon Ellis says:

how can i get in on the chat

Blessed Family says:

Tim Sykes you are Awesomely Insane !!!!


What's this video lecture with the fourth time already

ngethe kinyanjui says:

it is just crazy Tim and insane but smart

Vagelis Katsapis says:

i am insane too,i make 1000$ this week.thanks Tim ,you the best teacher!!!!

Manuel Rivera says:

Tim U R insane!! but keep spreading
the insanity that works like you are doing.

Robinhood daily gains says:

i made $2,000 on DCTH

Russell Baker says:

tim you are insane – bro keep it up


Thank you very much. Doing your YouTube videos. For me and everybody else. I appreciate that. Because watching your videos. I have definitely stop myself from making some big disaster. In the stock market. And I wanna say. Since I've been watching your videos. Just on the knowledge, I've learned on your channel. It's been amazing. Keep up the good work thank you. And thank you god bless.

Jonnathan Mejia says:

Tim you are insane

yashnu says:

Monocles and caviar… lololol. You're the best, Timmay.

Botzy says:

Thanks for the video Tim!!

Botzy says:

I found on barchart, when it was at .02. what caught my eye was not price but volume. it was insane and had a feeling something big was gonna happen. it did i made some money but not nearly as much as i could have. i will be prepared next time!!!

Alejandro Card says:

Tim important question. Can I open a gaurdian account but use a student checking account??

Hugo G says:

Dcth is about take off again

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