The 4 Best Stocks For Tomorrow And 17 Key Lessons For 2017

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FINAL day of our blowout sale, no more extensions, also read with my 17 key lessons to being successful in 2017 and visit if you want to learn in person too!


4evercodfreak says:

i appreciate the video's and how you start almost every video with a motivation on why you should do it and what you can gain from just learning your shit. Its like school but it actually pays of better in the end.

Az Dennis says:

Rock it @LegalPimp

Technycal Kaos says:

congrats "Legal PIMP"… keep it pimpin, pimpin

Latrell Smith says:

congrats legalpimp

Laura Avila says:

congrats legal pimp ?????

Denis Barry says:

Congrats Legalpimp!

g3ultra says:

Congrats legal pimp!

Evan Babatz says:

Congrats LegalPimp

Gabe Meyer says:

atta boy legal pimp

Gabe Meyer says:

see you in the chatroom!

jerry richardson says:

Congrats Legal Pimp!??

Linda Ellis says:

LegalPimp  great job

Tony Cavazos says:

Congrats LegalPimp!

Sahela Finley says:

haha I'm guilty of asking Tim questions, didn't really think about death by one question at a time. my bad! congrats legal pimp! killing it man! hope you see green soon.

Mattie Ice says:

congrats legal pimp, now pay them taxes..

Alex G says:

Actually, stocks to trade does not just crash when you're doing multiple things on your computer at once. I've had it crash with nothing else open before. Not saying its bad, but it does crash frequently.

Russell Baker says:

congratz LegalPimp

alexin andre says:

congrats legalpimp!!

Trump 2016 says:

This is probably a really dumb question, But what exactly are commissions and how much percent does it take away from your profits?

(I've never traded before but I plan on starting!)

rsg3263 says:

What is my first step to becoming a student? I've opened my TD Ameritrade account but have no clue what my next step is

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