The 4 Best Stocks To Watch And Answering 30 FAQs

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This 80-minute video shows the 4 best stocks for tomorrow and I answer 30 FAQs/explain the differences in my plans and what exactly is and why it’s so useful, please like this and leave a comment/share it too as I’m tired of answering these same questions all the time!


Studioglamour Studioglamour says:

one day I will join ur team , and it will be before 2027 , I'm learning just by watch ur videos learning, and educated myself.
Thank you Tim for being the best teacher ever…

Erik is small says:

I love sushi and trading also sorry that it is not related

Ethan says:

Tim were you good enough at tennis to make money at it?

Nasser Mohammed says:

Do you make more money from trading or teaching?

carlos torres says:

i go to the gym.

masheikh489 says:

r u in pulm

Erik is small says:

thanks for letting me know and I do have parental permission and a scottrade account but school gets in the way of penny stocks. but thanks

Mike S. says:

Awesome Tim! I hope to be successful and make a difference like you one day. Great job with the schools.

Danni Duffy says:

thank you – i am very new to this process and your videos are very helpful and thoughtful.

Android God says:

PULM was crazy on Thurs & Fri

Ilija Rankovic says:

Hey tim! So do i have to buy StocksToTrade to use paper trading? you keep saying its free buy it's not. its worth every cent tho i imagine, im just starting out, so im confused. Nice Work!

TazeTGD says:

Damn, you've done it again. Love these videos! Thanks Tim

MCal says:

2027 looking forward to it

toby buff says:

I will save up money to start trading the next year. $2000 will be enough?

John Appleseed says:

Is there a way for someone under 18 to open an interactive brokers account?

Also is it possible to link paper trading with


splashdownmodels says:

Thanks Tim

Fehoko Concrete says:

I am watching your videos and am looking to starting investing with no experience where should I start

foreveryoung says:

2027, ten years now

Chris Vidaurre says:

that is great video….how would you play PZE??? or just ignore it cause of the volume??

-.- pinguin says:

THAAAAANK , that was the video I was talking about . thanks dude .. you deserve more than 1B subscribers and likes

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