The 4 Top Stock Patterns To Know Before Trading | Swing Trading

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Hey team i hope you all enjoyed my 4 step system on the top patterns i see the most value in and why. i believe its an easy concept to understand when investing in the stock market. if you want any more help in trading stocks and penny stocks, feel free to click the link below to learn how!

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Jorge Lomeli says:

What trading software do you use?

the_Wolf says:

just a heads up everyone that is the 15 day EMA not the 180 day EMA… In my opinion any cross in the EMA (50day or higher) will show a trend conformation… Thanks for the video Ricky

Chris Crepon says:

lol why buy overpriced cars :

rockzz22 says:

In this video he is saying he is using the 180 ema I think he is using the 13 ema and just got it confuse because he is using the 180 day 4 hours chart

Jervis Findlayson says:

what time frame would you look at to identify a pattern for day trading. 1min, 5mins or 1dy?

Ismail AA says:

Thanks man, good info by far

lance pheng says:

do you use that big screen to trade on. I am tossed between getting two monitors or just one big screen. LMK. thanks Ricky 🙂

richard spencer says:

Do you always use the 180 day @ 4 hour chart?

jkenndy36 says:

From 4:555:27 is what I'm having trouble wt . Getting that confirmation from looking at previous patterns. I don't understand that part UGH!!!! 😩

MikeMcD1989 says:

It's funny to look at this video & the very first ticker HIMX straight down trended to $6 over the next 5 months (It's April 2018 right now)

Pilsen says:

what chart do you use?

Carlos Alvarenga says:

Great Info Learning more every day. Soon ill be registering on your group. Thanks again for your help!!!!!!!

Bogdan Oprea says:

mate you speak fast, do you even breath? :))

Berlin George says:

come on man that TV took my sight off from the main guy

Cheech says:

Thanks for all these examples but most of the time you refer to your 15 ema (the blue line) as your 180 ema. I don't think you switched your color coding ema system because the plot name (top of the chart) shows the blue line as your 15 ema. Just wanted to check.

Luis Ricardo says:

What platform did you say you use to trade?

Christian Z says:

Is that a software or a website you're using? Where can I find it?

Daryl Hall says:

Wow, didn't understand stocks until just now. Not bad at all! Thanks alot!

Kaston Tussey says:

I watch allot of your videos. You are insane with money management. Fuh-King PROPS dude.

Edwin Riley says:

Always look for y= sin(x) +cx where c >0, not just y = sin(x) LMBO!!!

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