The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Traders Make

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Traders Make

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Intro: 0:00
Trading Strategy Recap: 0:13
Trading The Wrong Stock Or Option: 1:45
Entering A Trade Too Early: 2:30
Entering A Trade Too Late: 3:54
Taking Profits Too Early: 5:11
Not Getting Out Of Losing Trades: 5:47

Let’s talk about the top 5 biggest trading mistakes that are TOTALLY preventable.

As we work through this list, I’m saving the best for last. And by best, I mean WORST!

This mistake is SO big, I actually refer to it as the “Account Killer”.

But, before we get in too deep…

Let’s have a recap.

What’s the importance of having a proper trading strategy? It’s typically one of the BIGGEST differences between profitable and non-profitable traders.

Sounds pretty important to me…

SO, what does a proper trading strategy consist of?

There are 3 parts to a bulletproof trading strategy:

1.)What to trade – What stock or option should you purchase?
2.)When to enter- What strike price to buy the asset at?
3.)When to exit – When to exit? With a profit or a loss?

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Markus Heitkoetter says:

Which mistakes have you made (or continue to make 😜)? Let me know in the comments how I can help!

mikehoang31 says:

I don't see taking profits too early as a mistake especially for new traders. A win is a win. I make money in the stock market by selling early and I do it consistently. I don't think I made a mistake anywhere.

Smit Patel says:

ALWAYS with the amazing advice. Thanks again Markus!

A D says:

Take profits to early, especially if it covers loses

tatakai no kaizen says:

i have definitely made all of these! hehe, but i'm slowly learning not to make the same mistakes twice.

Steven M. says:

HI Markus, I had instance just in the last few days where I was up $700 on a stock (holding 1000 shares). I was a little over 4x my risk at that time. Because I didn't take the profit, now the stock pulled back and I am now only now barely over 1x my risk. What should I have done in this situation to build consistency? Should I have sold 500 shares when I reached 2x my risk (target) and cut my stop loss in 1/2 as well? and then when it reached 3x (which is an overarching goal) to sell the remaining 500 shares to close the position out (though that may counter your trading mistake #2 of taking profits too early)? Could you share the rules that you follow so I can build consistency and stop seeing gains being left behind? Thank you!

The Chemtrix says:

Yes, entering late: usually on etfs like JNUG and DRIP/GUSH…😫 and actually yes to all…

latifa electrical engineer says:

i dont know how to read charts or option trading

alissabethla says:

Is the guide a physical or digital download copy with the check out order of your book?

Lil18thletterking says:

Yea I lost a bunch of money hanging on to stocks thinking they would come back…use those stop losses

Nikhilesh Martin says:

Entering too early . Timing is everything !

Budman Zoom says:

Enter too early — Yes Yes Yes

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