The 5 biggest stock market crashes in history have ‘striking’ similarities

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Scott Nation, chief investment officer of NationsShares and author of “The History of the United States in Five Crashes” discusses lessons from history. Nations says the all of the modern-day crashes have some sort of a financial contraption and an external catalyst that often has nothing to do with the markets. He discusses some of the financial contraptions today that could pose a risk in the future.


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Greendragon420able says:

I'd put it in Sara's butt.

doug aussie says:

The big concern is there is so much private wealth being sucked into the stockmarket, its going higher and higher, that when it crashes this time it will devastate, I think, the entire economic system. Millions of investors will essentially be wiped out and the market will not bounce back because it has expended all its energy climbing to such highs. The only question is will it be this year or next.

Divergent Evolution says:

Ofc they do, they all happened after the implementation of central banking and capitalism.

You would think that you worthless monkeys would eventually learn.

Chucky Justice says:

Things will be fine under Trump

WiredMonk says:

Like a fortune teller…. Speaking in generalities to confuscate the real word here, greed.

zadel88 says:

he mentions the titanic and I notice her chin

Robert Mitchell says:

illusionary wealth Fed's inflating assets with cheap money
4 trillion on Fed's balance sheet
2 trillion of that held as excess reserves

money is yet to be deployed we a far way off from a crash corrections along the way

Mel Smith says:

they all been caused by jews

Diebulfrog79 says:

The big problem is over production and bad quality control in China.

Back Nforth says:

the most common trait of the 5 market disasters: a lot of money were lost.

M S says:

sounds like he is talking about both ETF's and Quants

Caution Q says:

And.yet the US government will never learn smh

adhh xgxhhg says:

The literal smirking piece of shit in the background is a nice touch.

Shuchit Sharingan says:

who's watching this while breathing?

Audrey royal says:

6:43 Lmao

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