The 5 Keys To Trading ONLY The Best Stocks

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Cameryn Worden says:

Aim small miss small. Love seeing new videos on here when I check your channel!

Blue Collar Bike Werks says:

Aim small, miss small. I'm down. Teach me stock Jedi.

Bnuse says:


Peter Chapman says:

aim small miss small!

Homer Robinson says:

Tried to use the code and it accepted but when I try to complete the order it says "can not process code invalid"

Javed K says:

Fuck those critics Tim!!! You're helping me to better understand the way the markets work. So you ramble on bro , just keep being real! Thanks bro

Realz Bash says:

I love u tim no homo

Timothy Sykes says:

FYI Will NOT message you on Youtube, it's only impostors who send messages so if you get one, please report their profile and let's fucken crush these scumbags…if you want to learn, see NO Youtube messaging, I have no time for that shit

joe garcia says:

you were a shorting pattern day trader at the beginning of your trader right ?

bryan wilkins says:

Aim small and miss small

Chett Anderson says:

Aim small, Miss Small

Svyatoslav Zalutskyy says:

Aim small miss small. You can not expect next google. A great example is Cygnus 🙂

Christopher Dilan says:

Aim small, miss small.

Jon M says:

Aim small miss small! #Sniper

NeverFail Gaming says:

aim small miss small

Cesar Borrego says:

GREAT LESSON! Aim small miss small! Thank you Tim!


Aim Small Miss Small!!

Rony Sarkissians says:

Aim small miss small

utahrob says:

More great free advice. Thanks Tim!

Daniel Burnashev says:

Your teachings are great! They help tremendously! Aim small miss small baby!

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