The Alligator vs. The Sniper – Marin Katusa vs Timothy Sykes

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Marin Katusa and Timothy Sykes go head to head discussing Timothy’s success and their different approaches to investing in stocks. Watch out for the shocking moment at 30 minutes in!

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Jonathan Luhmann says:

Big man talks shit and then left before being responded to. Coward!

Michael Garcia says:

What kind of car does Marin Katusa drive?

Bodie Nelson says:

Last video I'll ever watch with this goof ball. VRIC should take lessons learned here.

Bodie Nelson says:

Dude I applaud the first guy's comments. He shut that little boy down

Ryan Rael says:

Without the metals in the building/lights/cameras/mics/phones/satellites/ None of this BS would be possible. Yes! Tim, even in our laptops. Online/ Online brokers would not be possible. Just give the miners their props and STFU!

Jacob Steenhuysen says:

Holy shit at the ending

myhister says:

Wait, was the embarrassing Damien Reynolds the same Damien Reynolds Kid Rock mining promoter with the Lambos and lavish lifestyle? The one named in the Panama papers, evading millions of tax? I wonder who is full of "s**t" in reality. Mr. Reynolds, instead of insulting someone on a personal level because you lost the argument, you should have a long hard look in the mirror!
Here's a bit more on "Kid Rock":

Daniel Dizdar says:

It's so important to listen to the cracks with high-quality information. Some of his BS and lack of substance makes that a little bit hard. XD

He waits for a market moves, riding the tide, cuts losses when the strategy does not work. It's a traders game 🙂

T Bone says:

wow, never expected that at the end. Cambridge House International vids a usually incredibly informative but bland. This was like a one off Jerry Spring version.

Mendicus Machli says:

I like using both strategies. Its nice to have some money set aside for longer term, and have a chunk to play around with and bet on short term volatility.

Robsta says:

Pisses me off just listening to Tim for a few minutes. I think it’s the instant gratification thing, and the ADHD.

Malika A says:

'Tim did get a bad deal there' and took it very sportingly

Robert White says:

He's a typical smarmy twat

Kodi Magic says:

TIM "PSYCHO" SYKES – What a jackass!

MARIN KATUSA – A serious pro!

Peter Lattimore says:

Tim has a valid point on many levels… he's honest in his lack of knowledge to "most" things longterm… Not his thing… His enthusiasm is great and knowledge of a particular area of trading tremendous. A lot of his sarcasm is misinterpreted nodoubt by the 80 year olds with hip replacements…

Kyle Madden says:

omfg, hilarious!!!!

Damien Wright says:

Tim said he loves volatile , but freaked out about the stock market going up and down allot and now is in cash ? Hates gold but wears a gold watch ?

Eric Paradis says:

What did Tai Lopez say when he fell in a mineshaft? Sykes!

Chris Goldsmith says:

I so wanted to dislike this guy. Actually be true your investing strategy, important to know one's self. Breath of fresh air. The guy shouting at the end unnecessary. Most junior explorers portfolios will never become mines

Dylan Milks says:

I think what Tim is saying makes a lot of sense. Although, he seems like a real ass. If he softened his approach, he'd attract a lot more people. But it was entertaining to see how the conversation turned at the end.

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