The Basics of Bonds Explained in 5 Minutes

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Bonds are a whole another field of investing that fits in the category if “securities”. The basics of bonds all for the most part have the same structure. Here we go over the plain “vanilla bond”, and the rewards/risk associated with it.

Did you know the bond market heavily outweigh’s the stock market. Research suggests there are trillions of dollars worth of bonds in the market at a ratio of 20:1 compared to stocks.

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D Max says:

Good job on the vid👍

ww says:

Super concise and packed with info! Great job

Watta says:

i dont know what redpilled is talking about its the only straightforward video in my opinion

Redpilled_Tuber says:

Dreadful video. Why not speed it up even more so its even more incomprehensible as long as you get it into 1 minute hey? add in a robotic voice that mispronounces English and voila you have this mess.
Furthermore Small savers are not mode inclined to avoid bond and go for stock, its the exact opposite. The stock market is a long term game with big investments needed to make any real money. Short term small invesors are better off with bonds.
Risk in anycase is subjective but it is again incorrect and a wide generalisation to assume rich people prefer lower risk and therefore favour bonds.
Most savvy investors with large investments tend to build a portfolio of bonds and stocks so that their risk is spread and hedged across all of their assets.

shamlo says:

Notification gang checkin in

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