The Basics Of Trading Stocks | How To Invest In The Stock Market

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Carlos Alverio says:

Thanks ricky your videos are very helpful

Andrew VanNess says:

Thumbs up if you want to "get filled" by Ricky… with knowledge.

Max Legrice says:

what was the outro song, any boy know?

frank mendoza says:

you read my mind!

Adish Vakharia says:

Hey Ricky, Thankyou very much for making all videos it is helping alot understanding stock trand. Also, Currently I am using RH as platform and planning to open another trading account which one do you prefer !! Plz Help.

Jordan Washington says:

Great video bud like i been saying man I learn so much from you keep up the good work bro were all rooting for you.

XxBlackMagicxX says:

this was so helpful Ricky as a new trader.and in this video you weren't talking super fast .

Christen Purefoy says:

Thanks for the video ricky every single one is helpful and ive been sharing them to my friends as well…keep up the good work truly✌✊?

Rafael Perez says:

Video quality looking better. Nice!

LaVerna Mitchell says:

Very Good. Been listening to you for several months. This kind of advice is more meaningful now than when I first started a few months a go. It is a paradiem or ideology for Day and Swing trading and you explain it clear and simple – "Make a plan and work it" Red days are part of the process, just manage your loss. Thanks Mr. Ricky!!!

Julius says:

Clear and concise thumbs up!!!

davide finotto says:

What book would you suggest to a beginner (if there are any worth reading)? Thanks for all the great content ?

Alisa Sweet says:

Great video Ricky !

Abshir Yaris says:

thank you ?

jack ladny says:

Thank you !

Darren says:

I for some reason can it get access to these group chats. The links on the Facebook page is broken, now can I get access to the chats? Long time viewer here but first time commenter!

Auto Body Garage Monzon says:

I didn't follow your advices to analyze a stock before jumping in and lost 173 on dyrs I was doing good earning 25 bucks on each day trade kinda bummed about it but I know I can do better thanks for your videos Ricky

William Williams says:

Thanks for posting this video. This will be one that I'll watch over again a few times.

Basezx says:

Yeah last week was a bleh day to trade for me lol

Lufe Torres says:

Thanks Ricky

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