The Best Day To Profit Trading In The Stock Market

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I wanted to share why Thursdays are my favorite days to trade in the stock market. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Jason Cole says:

When you work hard success Is the evidence .now I'm living a better life all thanks to bombayburmahtrading as my account manager.

William Smith says:

UGAZ Think That Ricky Will Ever Lose Money On A Thursday?

Probably not.

ScottPac says:

Any coupons out there for LPP?

Antonio Eleftheriou says:

Can you use TD Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim in the uk ??

Fernando Velazquez says:

Im 15 years old, i wish i could start trading in the stock market. Is it posiible?

GUNZ says:

Ricky the type of millionaire to drink tap water

Livingstar p john says:

Which indicator use in the screen. pls tell me

Steve Kinney says:

How did you know that one was the opposite stock…. or rather, how did you find the relationship between the two stocks?

Minh Luong says:

His eyes looks scarily baggy

Rodrigo Villa HI says:

I love these style videos now, more interesting and keeps attention!

MAKER says:

How much amount his putting to get that profit?

Imane Emy says:

Please i want to invest some Money holp me

Juan says:

I was in red 3 months bc i thought I was always right, let my emotions lead, didn't have a plan, man i learned a lot from you I recovered those 3 months and keep profiting, truly an inspiration, great person , keep doing you man.

chillinvillanful says:

I am not sure why you trade the ETF instead of the futures. Professional traders trade futures. Your commissions are way too high. I see lots of room for improvement speaking as a long time professional commodity trader. I do appreciate the videos and effort.

Zakry Cooper says:

Where can we see the ng report? can you explain what to look for and understand within the ng reports?

TeamwithErving says:

RICKY IS THE MANN! I've taken all of Ricky's advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I'm on target to make money online WITH FOREX! I've even just created a YOUTUBE channel to follow my progress.  My first vlog is due to drop in 45 minutes. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out.  Peace! You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. THANK YOU RICKY FOR THE INSPIRATION ON YOUR VIDEOS

Swaidream says:

great video, simple and satisfying

Juster Joone says:

I am new to stock market and already loss some amount of money.. But seeing you success in trading give me strength and not to give up easily… You are my inspiration. Thank you

Nikita Martynov says:

Hi man I want to get into trading. I am 16 and I have around 300 pounds to work with I just want to understand the trade and start making a profit. Can you help.

Milan Randjelovic says:

Ricky, can you tell me your MA?

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