The Best Hot Penny Stocks Right Now And Proper Perspective

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FINAL 24 hours of this 35-75% off sale, NO MORE EXTENSIONS…congrats to so many of you on today, very proud of you for learning to take the meat of the move


bman0123 says:

Thank you for all the information you put out there for us. There's no excuse for people not studying when you literally put hundreds of hours of material to study.

I started stocks last week and I've learned so much already thanks to you.

Tambir Islam says:

this guy's acc just maad in a good money making way

Steven Ferrarese says:

24:00 the billions my students have made

Ricardo AM says:

Hey Tim, wondering if you know any resources for short data that's not yahoo finance stats

Gregory Eagle says:

I am paying attention.

Timothy Beleford says:

<3 love u tim ;*

Arick Russell says:

I got short $SGY yesterday when it closed red at 7.58 and got the gap down, covered at 6 for $1300+

Gladis Gutierrez says:

Thanks for video!!! ?

Joseph Kyzar says:

great video tim, still studying so i only paper traded nvcn, but i did "profit" on it twice on the way up

Jonathan21228 says:

Why is he not a fan of Robinhood, I mean what other brokers can you use if you only have a few hundred bucks?

Lam Nguyen says:

thanks, TIM

WITNESSx says:

what do you think about tnxp, you should keep an eye on it. It's getting a bunch of eyes and catalysts upcoming

optic9 says:

Thanks for this video, rode this from $0.75 past $3.34, shoulda got out!! Help to ease the pain lol!!

TheAutoAssign says:

Tim!! whats a good broker for someone who doesnt have alot of funds to start trading with ? Thanks in advance

Martin Gavrilov says:

All i can say is, since February when i first saw one of your vids i am hooked. Still looking for consistency though but learning from losses and rules.

Techitup says:

It was a good a very good bowl of cereal lol

Fingers says:

Hi, Buff Nerd here I just wanted to suggest something to people who wanted to know about it, but I use thinkorswim, they are not too bad, etrade is definitely better but if you are yanno a trader like myself with little money, the free software is not too bad. Be aware this software makes it a little less convenient to keep track of stocks unless you actually know how to effectively use the different windows and gadgets and what not.

Lucid Jackson says:

you diserve more credit tim, god bless you!

jrod123 says:

where did everyone find out about $NVCN

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