The Best Pattern To Watch Every Friday

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Every morning you should watch for patterns, but every Friday see the video above to learn the best pattern to look out for…Mr. made over $10,000 Thursday/Friday on this pattern


seth roth says:

Thanks for the great lesson.

seth roth says:

Friday mornings are special Tim!

babyjose61 says:

Friday mornings are special, very truth. watching this video and studying while hurricane Irma is passing right now in Tampa Florida. Be safe people.

Raphael says:

Tim I respect your work with the traditional stock market, but have you looked into or have invested into cryptocurrency?

welcome lubisi says:

please share first Ted talk

Technycal Kaos says:

Friday mornings are special….. Boom

9pimusic says:

Friday mornings are special

Zane Astom says:

I want a site to go to start trading for 100

Dustin Lamons says:

friday mornings are special!

Alvaro Vel says:

friday mornings are special

alej347 says:

Friday's morning are special.

Brent Wood says:

friday mornings are special

pen tapper says:

Friday mornings aren't special

alej347 says:

You're amazing, I'm looking forward to see you in Orlando ! so exited.

WatchDogs1991 says:

Friday mornings are special

Dave Hunter says:

Friday mornings are special

Shawn says:

Friday mornings are special!

teebone 21 says:

i call them first green day opposite first red day unless the news comed out same day

William says:

Friday mornings are special and I did see this but it was too expensive for me to trade. Beauty of a pattern though!

Jordan Bawab says:

Fridays morning are special

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