The Best Penny Stock Dip Buy Pattern Strikes Again

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The same and pattern struck again, I waited and waited and then mistimed it for a small loss, but I’m glad that SEVERAL students nailed it and took good amounts of the ultimate 55% bounce off the lows at $2ish and it got all the way up to 3.20ish a few hours later…good to review this variation on the patterns since the overnight news was so bad


Timothy Sykes says:

Glad you guys liked it and FYI I don't get paid one cent for using Etrade and Interactive Brokers, I just think they're safe brokers, read and please be safe, winter is coming!

Terrell Tinsley says:

please do more videos like this! I like live videos.

Adnan Bhatti says:

I LOVE live videos! 🙂

Demarcus Poe says:

I like live videos

Jeric Byrd says:

I like live videos

Azazi Nation says:

I like live videos

Azazi Nation says:

More please

Cameryn Worden says:

I like live videos

James Broome says:

I like live video's
great webinar tonight

Scotty B says:

Live trades are the best, so we can witness the price action and L2. Thanks

Mychal DeLorenzo says:

I like live videos

Hunter Evans says:

Great video!

ThatBoyLegend says:

I like live videos, thanks Tim!

Bnuse says:

I like live vids

adam rodriguez says:

I Like live videos I Like live videos I Like live videos

Zain Ali says:

man, im trying my best to understand but its just not clicking in my head. I've seen everything and watch intently but i just dont get it. I'll keep hustling though!

Junior Joseph says:

Very good video, I really learned a lot!!!!

ColombianolatinoX says:

I like live videos! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

joshua faulds says:

I like live videos

Wrathan Escobar says:

REALLY been picking your brain and picking up loads of knowledge "nuggets" these past few months. I see the repetition, the potential, and the patterns! Great live video keep em coming

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