The Best Penny Stock Indicators To Use Daily

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Gerardo B says:

I'm understanding it !!!!!

KrissHermus says:

I understand the indicators. And as always, thanks for sharing your videos!!!

Defiant GTI says:

i understand the indicator !!

Canal Do Pianista says:

I have a question Timothy Sykes. I want to start trading and investing, but unfortunately I do not have the 5000 required for you to take me as your student. I only have 500. I'm going to my Senior Year in College (without any loans), how you recommend me to start? I bought some books, and have the whole summer to learn. I only have 500 dollars to start trading, and I watch your videos daily. I try to use what I see on your videos in the app VESTLY(stock simulator) on my phone. Thank you for being possible for people like me to change my life.

Tristan Lagies says:

I understand the indicators

Dustin Kingston says:

I understand the indicators

Arturo Watler says:

'I understand the indicators' and also think you shouldn't take away the free version of Traderschecklist because there will be new traders that are wandering out there now and will find you at some point.. TCL will be good material for them(in addition to your other free lessons).

Joe Kendall says:

i understand the indi's, please dont take it down yet

Christian Fernandez says:

I understand the indicators! I have watched trader checklist twice and now am watching HTMM for the 2nd time. Recognizing the patterns and charts really do get easier over time. Thanks!

Masaru Tsujimoto says:

I understand the indicators

Jeric Byrd says:

I understand the indicators #igotu #openedmyeyes

soccerdude0896 says:

damn looks like i need to put HTMM on hold to watch TC again!

Lucid Jackson says:

i understand the indicators

J B says:

trader checklist is great I wish the rest of it was going to be free for a week or two so I could watch the rest of it but the first part is great
understand the catalyst

Simon_Stull says:

I understand the Indicators!

Deke King says:

I understand the indicators

alexin andre says:

I understand the indicators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ozmataz triscit says:

Hey tim, I have been listening for a little while and when I go on and find a stock with the right chart, no bad news, and no negative appearing sec filings and it works out, is that just luck? What can I do to make sure that continues?

Robyn R says:

i understand the indicators

welcome lubisi says:

I understand the indicators ?

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