The Best Penny Stock Patterns Right Now

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It’s been a BUSY, BUSY summer so please be sure to study up, I want MORE successful students like and who are profiting $1,000-$2,500 nearly every day and so their accounts are growing steadily


Mama Sonia says:

I would like to get on this train…I know it's possible because one time I did a trade and overnight made $30K…then I waited to long and lost most of it. I know it's possible to be successful. I want to learn everything I can from your organization. Thanks

زياد خالد says:

Does your strategy work in any stock market ??

Mark louis Arabaca says:

Mark $2000 a day is great! 🙂

Nexx World Entertainment says:

Mark 2.5k is great but surpassing 4.2 mil is better ?…jk

Nexx World Entertainment says:

Tim can you get an account on socialwallstreet?

j88lole says:


F myLife says:

Mark 2.5 /day is great

Kecsis Palucho says:

Mark 2k a day is beautiful great.

Robin McLeish says:

I watched you buy the bounce on LBUY but didn't follow you in because we were told not to. I also was watching RETC. Mark $2000 a day is great.

Joshua W says:

$2.5k a day?! ? noice

KumarHD says:

So should i do this or continue with my fathers business and expand that. Considering i've helped my father grow his business so much already and will continue ill do both cuz why not. asd

Ramon Veltmeijer says:

Mark 2K a day is great. It's my goal for the future so be proud of yourself and be happy that you've already made it this far!

King Cesar says:

Can't wait to make 2500$ a day. I get happy with my 500 to 1000. Very exciting. I wish I was making 2.5k. that would be freedom!!!

King Cesar says:

I will go check out your videos ty I appreciate so much!!!

King Cesar says:

Mark 2500$ a day is great!!! ????????

Adam Fischer says:

mark , 2500$ is really huge , it's better be consistent than lucky !!!

JustMeDee says:

Mark, 2k a day is FANTASTIC!!!

Allan Azucena says:

I wanna watch all your video lessons but the thing is i got no money to sign up right now once i get the money i will sign up for that monthly subscription

Pierce Edwards says:

Hey Tim (or anyone else reading), just wondering if you had any advice on how to spot these breakouts as they are happening? Are you just using scanners throughout the day and looking at calls in the chatroom? Thanks (Mark $2000 a day is great)!

Zafra Jr says:

mark 2K a day is great!

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