The Best Penny Stock Trades For Small Accounts?

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Think you can’t learn from this market because most stocks are in the red? Think again. There are lots of lessons whether the market’s up or down. You just have to be eager to learn. Watch and learn how to trade this current market in today’s video lesson!


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There’s so much to learn from the markets every day — good and bad.

It’s important for me to review trades from both sides. I want you to learn from my missed opportunities as well as the ones that I take.

You have to train yourself to be eager when it comes to learning. That’s how you can become a smarter trader FASTER.

Now, let’s get into the markets for today…

The past few days have been pretty bad for the markets overall. That’s following a historic run-up from the past few months.

The market conditions were extraordinary. So I’m not all that surprised to see negative numbers over the last few days.

Is this the beginning of the end? I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it could be. We’ll have to wait and see…

But historically, September and October hold the most crashes. And with the election coming up, that could spark a lot of volatility.

So we’re charting very uncertain waters indeed … Be extra careful when you’re trading right now.
Over the next few days, I’ll be adapting my trading to the current market…

I’ll be taking gains quicker and definitely cutting losses quicker than usual. I want to be extra safe and careful since I’m unsure about how everything will play out.

I suggest you follow my lead and protect your account.

Of course, there are still some stocks that are performing well…

Tune in to find out which stocks were winners for me and why. I’ll go over those lessons as well as the stocks that I underestimated.

Less than optimal market conditions means more studying time, so get on it!

Leave a comment below if you understand why it’s necessary to study all trades, not just the winning ones … Say, “I will learn every day.”

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Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 Get started with the 30 Day Bootcamp TODAY:

Leave a comment below if you understand why it’s necessary to study all trades, not just the winning ones … Say, “I will learn every day.”

Adam Milligan says:

I will learn every day!!!! I learn from you currently as one of your trading challenged students and one of your peps in your millionaire mentor program…. I've learned so much, as a beginner you have taught me so much!!!!!

Jeanpaul Towers says:

"I will learn everyday"

Nicholas Peterson says:

“Will learn everyday”🙏

Eric Johnson says:

Absolutely study every trade. I noticed when I looked back at trades I seen early entries. This allowed me to understand trees gone wrong from not having proper confirmation and from winning trades turned into losing trades due to not talking profits. It's very important to wait for the right trades for the person trading and have confirmation. Preparation, mind set, and proper execution of a trade after confirmation. Also except that at least 20% of all trades will go wrong due to Volume, potential news, are hedge fund sell offs. Yes I understand Tim. I'll do my very best to grind forward. Thank you for access to education and advice which will allow quicker account growth.

Clint Everling says:

I will learn everyday!

Ms Tiffany says:

I am learning everyday! 30-day Challenge worth every penny!

Forever Aroma says:

I will learn everyday

Jet Rocks says:

I'm on day 5 on the bootcamp, my addiction to pennystocking is getting worse haha, 90% of my time is devoted to studying, can't wait to go live trading, I still got a long way to go but I know what direction I'm going and I'm confident over time that everything will eventually be in place….Learn the process then profit later…

NatapixAS says:

Thank you tim for making all these videos, and for making these free! Much appreciated!

Raquel Patino says:

I've been learning every day. Day8 with the boot camp challenge.

Kevin Sinclair says:

I will learn everyday,

Sal Ramirez says:

"I will learn everyday". 🖖

Lonnie Moore says:

Been studying over a year trading full time now for 5 months but having a hard time finding the same stocks that you and all of your top students are finding I know a good pattern when I see it just having a hard time finding it

greenpennytrader says:

How does this only have 2k views????? Community is an important part of trading.

josh canner says:

study study study study study study study study study study study study study study sty u==:))))))

Gina Pentimone says:

I will learn something about penny stocks every day. I am currently on day 8 of the boot camp and snatched up the labor day trial deal for Stockstotrade.

Bd. Ne says:

How do you find these stocks less than a dollar ?

Cobb Ln says:

I will learn everyday

Mountain Evergreen says:

I learn daily from The King Timmy Sykes a good kid

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