The Best Penny Stocks Now And How Not To Blow Up

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Jian Sen Lee says:

this stock has 439.71k Float but with over 10M volume traded , how?

SvenStock Picks says:

Great Video. I think people just need to gain more respect for stocks. People see stocks as a game (which it is) but its a game that has real life effects. RESPECT THE MARKET. Don't be dumb.

Alex Shimunov says:

DRYS reached $99 today. I'm glad I didn't short it.

GoForGold says:

Tim, Whats the bare minimum someone should be trading when just starting off?

TOMSMITH94 says:

"This could hit 50 – 70 -100" – He hit that nail right on the head!

Jam B says:

People pay small attention to float. DRYS float is less than half a million. That is dangerous, this coupled with hot sector (shipping). Its a big no no to short this stock and that is only if you could locate shares to short because at that float its almost impossible to find shares to short unless your with a premium broker like centrepoint. This crazy spike and theory that you are scaring shortsellers with only applies to these dangerous floaters in the range of 0.5 million float. Stock with float of 2+ million do not spike 500%+ and so they are okay to short as long as you are aware of the market… So in summary, yes you are right but you are only talking about a very small number of stocks and its not good to scare people from shorting stocks by bringing an example of a stock with that low of a float because most stocks are not that low…

Hyperthinks says:

I was expecting this from Saex a few weeks ago. Drys was a great Christmas gift.

Metalhead Moto says:

Tim, great videos as usual. However, I would highly recommend getting a better microphone. You can get a great desktop mic for under 50$

Carlos Franco says:

I sadly can't be there for the webinar today, it will be archived right? so I can watch it tomarrow?


Fair play Tim 🙂
I have a swing trade/value stock hunter account but looking to get a bit more exposure/knowledge on penny stocks to, your videos help with the knowledge greatly.
Anyway best of luck in the future .
Sending over some Irish Luck for ya

Ukaasha Hakeem says:

I've also listened to a little over 8 hours of your videos

Ukaasha Hakeem says:

I have zero experience trading stocks, I work 2 jobs one is with an insurance company that wants me to take a course to learn to sell Mutual funds and 401k's. I've heard that if I want to make any real money trading stocks your the guy to study under! I read chapter 6 last night and I'm signed up for your webinar tonight! I can't wait to start learning from a pro!

Maria Giordano says:

Thanks for bringing everyone back to earth =)

Nelson Manzano says:

Nice clip

Michael Visione says:

Hey people! I am brand new to penny stocks or just stocks in general. How does Tim/you all get this kind of chart/graph of stocks on your computer? Thank you!

Antoine Grier says:

Great video

George Pare Jr. says:

"Make Trading Great Again" – Sykes. He's got my vote! lol

Žan Žulj says:

Which platform do you use?

cristian coronado says:

question where do you get your information on moving stocks? just curious where to look

Chase Arsenault says:

tim, is the live webinar tomorrow rewatchable? i have to work during the time it plays.

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