The Best Penny Stocks To Trade In January 2018 | For Beginners

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How To Start Day Trading Penny Stocks 2018
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cinta0607 says:

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Nathan Canady says:

You trading stocks or options bro?

Sajied Sabrin says:

What’s the app you’re using to view all these stocks on your computer. What is that?

michael munoz says:

Hey its mike just checkin in

unrealxplicit says:

hinga dinga durgeb

Michael Bukasa says:

CNET just came out of the blue.Up 700% on the day.Amazing

Michael Bukasa says:

Brilliant. Very informative.Your daily video lessons are really helping me become confident as a trader even though so far all I'm doing is paper trading

Giancarlo D says:

the day I make $1000 in a day, Im sending you $25

husssein says:

CNET late day move of $2 was watching it but missed it. email:

Shad Giordano says:

More great info!

Chan Smith says:

Hey guys check out WNDM… It looks good.

The Lightskin Hokage says:

Another great vid !! keep it up!

Extra Smooth says:

I've learned so much! Thank you!

Rob says:

Another good video. Thanks man…

rotexman84 says: great job tony

Ernesto Guerrero says:

Love ur videos

predat0r says:

Why didn't you trade CNET above pre-market highs. I know in hindsight it came back down but in real time, you can't tell it will fake out.

Yash Patel says:

Thank you for the video.

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