The Best Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now Penny Stock Day Trading March 2018

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How To Start Trading Penny Stocks in 2018
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Creative Jenius says:

Do you ever take days off from trading or do you check everything every day?

Yuliia Bezsalova says:

Good videos you are making , waiting for new one , but in crypto currency!
Why did you stop with bitcoins ?

Sabinro says:

Hey Tony how do I contact you. I tried email no reply from you.

Nesquik G says:

How do you manage your risks? 3:1 myth?

jkhg kh says:

bro thnx for you video, do you have a video or info on,how to set up a stock screener? or dont you use one to find your trades?

Jesse Collens says:

hey Tony,
congratulations on your $3000 day! What made you get into trading in the first place?

Sir Franco says:

great video! do you trade ETFs as well?

Jared Chipman says:

Have you heard of dropil?

Sedigheh Sameri says:

Thanks for your videos, i learnt a lot watching you, keep up the good work

Rob says:

great vid. what platform is that

Gabe Loring says:

Excited for this week!

Donald Waffen says:

Awesome watchlist. Now that I'm trading, it's funny how all weekend long I look forward to Monday, LOL!

Alex Ritchie says:

You sir remind me of a young Ross Cameron

lordlur says:

Where are you from Ivanov?

Chad Holland says:

Great job, add to watch list and create alerts?

vtz7 says:

Excellent job Tony!

Joshua Johnson says:

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FlaminWolf 345 says:

Nice job man

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